when buying products as a retail client – you can purchase products directly from a distributor using cash OR you can purchase products online from www.juohco.com or Direct from Forever living online Secure store.

In some countries it is possible to purchase products online. However, in many countries that is not possible yet. So, if you don’t know anyone who is distributor and your country or your area then feel free to contact us and we will be glad to help finding the best way to get you FLP products.

Now you have two choices. 1) Purchase our FLP products at regular price, or 2) become a distributor of FLP. I would suggest you read both sections and then decide for yourself.

How to  Order FLP Products at regular Direct from Forever living website(retail) price
Simply choose products you like, contact us, and we will help you with that. That way you don’t have to become a distributor and yet you can get the great Forever Living Products yourself.

Follow Below Steps By Steps On How To Order Products Direct From Forever Living Online Secure Web Store Please

Step 1:

Product on Juoho Page

Once you have fund product you want to buy on juohco.com Click on Buy now Button Show with red arrow as example seen below, you we be redirect to Forever living Online secure webstore product page from there you can proceed as see below and follow the Next step.

Step 2:

Single Product Page

Once you are redirect from www.juohco.com Thruogh Buy now Button Show above Step 1, you we be redirect to Forever living Online secure webstore product page which we appear like you see below. Type in the desired quantity & click on the “Add or Add to Cart” button till you have added all products you want to buy and follow step below.

Step 3:

After clicking the “Add to Cart” button, proceed further by clicking on the “Checkout” button at the right Corner side bar mark with red mark at right side bar corner and continue next step below.

Step 4:


Step 1: If you are a previously registered Preferred Customer you do not need to register again. Please enter your Username and Password to log into your account. If you are a new preferred customer please select “Register Now” below to create your new account.

Step 2 – Is required when you don’t want to go through registration you can bypass Step 1 and continue as Non- registered Customer to continue next Step your information will not be store in the website date base.


In order to increase convenience and provide special services to frequent users of the website, we require that you register. This registration is open to anyone who wishes to purchase product. To register, we will ask you to provide your name, address, credit card billing information, product shipping information, product preferences and general demographic information. Forever Living Company We use this information to make using the website easier for users:

– By not requiring frequent website visitors to re-enter recurring information every time they visit the website. – To personalize website visits for frequent visitors, we will recommend products that you have indicated you are interested in and welcome you to the website by name.

– By adding your e-mail address to our “opt-in” list in order to receive email notifications about product specials and other company information via our email newsletter.


Step 5:

Enter Shipping Address

Enter your shipping address and then select the Continue button at the bottom of the page.

Step 6:

On This Step you can chose any option and continue the next step.

Step 7:

Order Review

In the order review section you need to confirm your address if the address are correct and make sure you correct them or you can add different Address if you want by click on Select Different Address Button.

In the order review section you need to confirm the items and amounts you are purchasing. And The extended price and extended case credits are shown in parentheses.

If you want to add more items, change the existing items or update the item amounts please Click on the “Change Order” link button below. and to change payment method click on “Change payment Method”. and continue


Please review this information carefully and make any changes before you click the “FINISH AND PAY ” button. Upon doing so you agree to the PAYMENT TERMS and will be charged for your order. Do not click “FINISH AND PAY” more than once.
You will be given a receipt upon payment submittal.


When you ordering products on the website, we need to know your name, email address, mailing address, credit card number, V-Code number and expiration date. This allows forever Living Company to fulfill your order and to notify you of your order status. Again, for your protection and security, all of this information is encrypted before it travels over the internet.

Forever Living company accepts Visa, MasterCard or Discover card. During the checkout process, you will be prompted to enter your credit card information.

FLP guarantee that every transaction you make at Foreverliving.com will be 100% safe.

Step 8:

You’re making a payment to
Step 1.Click on the icon logo Name on your card  use in making payment. check your card if it has any of the logo seen on the Step 1 on the image below and Make sure you Click on one of the icon name you see in your Debit or Master Card and continue next step 2 below.
Step 2. Enter your Email and Click on continue Button below. to continue next steps.

Step 9:

You’re making a payment to
Step 1. Enter your Login Detail if you have account with webpay
Step 2. Click on –Select  your Cart type-  Select your card Type to continue next steps.

Step 10:

You’re making a payment to
Step 1. Enter your Card Detail – Your Card Number, Expiry Date, Card Pin and CVC2 is a three digit number which can be fund on the back of your Card. It is a Security Digit which is a security feature added to Visa, MasterCard and. For your protection, we ask for these digits to prevent unauthorized use of your credit card number. These 3-digit security numbers are printed on the back of your card in the signature panel.
Step 2.  Click Pay to Continue.

Step 11:

You’re making a payment to
Step 1. Enter your Card Secret Pin
Step 2. Click on Submit Button to complete the Transaction.