Can You Conceive Naturally with Azoospermia? |  Ferticity Fertility Clinics

Natural Fertility Can Azoospermia Prevent? | Fertility Clinics

Can You Conceive Naturally with Azoospermia? |  Ferticity Fertility Clinics

Having a natural and safe pregnancy is every woman’s dream. However, sometimes it can be curbed because of various factors. Azoospermia is one such condition that may prevent a woman from undergoing a natural pregnancy.

Azoospermia is a condition that affects men. In the coming sections, we will be reading more about azoospermia, how it affects your infertility and can you conceive with azoospermia. Natural Fertility Can Azoospermia Prevent? | Fertility Clinics

One such disorder that may hinder a woman from experiencing a natural pregnancy is azoospermia.

What Exactly Is Azoospermia?

To put it simply, it is a condition when there is either no sperm at all or extremely less sperm in the semen. This causes difficulty in normal conception and one has to turn towards surgical intervention to resolve the problem. Of course, no sperm doesn’t mean end of the world, thanks to the medical world that is constantly evolving. There are ways in which you can fight azoospermia and enjoy parenthood. Natural Fertility Can Azoospermia Prevent? | Fertility Clinics

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What Causes Azoospermia?

Let’s take a quick look at some of the causes:

  1. Infections in childhood, genetic factors, physical abnormalities or hormonal disorder.
  2. According to a research, chain smoking and regular consumption of alcohol reduces the sperm count by 13% – 17% when compared to the normal count.
  3. Stress and modern day lifestyle.
  4. Testicular damage and failure.
  5. Swelling of blood vessels around the testes.

What Are the Causes of Azoospermia? 

Azoospermia is of different types. Each of them has its own set of conditions. Given below are some of the common azoospermia and their causes:

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1. Pre-Testicular Azoospermia

Pre-testicular azoospermia usually happens due to genetic disorders. Damaged hypothalamus can also be one of the reasons. Furthermore, radiation for cancer can also trigger this.

2. Testicular Azoospermia

This is a non-obstructive type of azoospermia. It may happen if the testicles haven’t dropped or are completely absent. Furthermore, the inability of testicles to produce sperm can also trigger this one.

3. Post-Testicular Azoospermia

This is one of the most common causes of azoospermia. The congenital condition can lead to obstruction thereby causing various problems. It may mostly be because of genes that carry cystic fibrosis.

Azoospermia Meaning, Causes, Symptoms, Cure and Solution

What Are the Symptoms of Azoospermia? 

Men may not be aware of having azoospermia until they repeatedly fail in the attempt of conceiving. However, if you encounter any problems, it may mostly be because of underlying conditions such as genetic or hormonal disbalance.

Some of the other common symptoms of azoospermia include:

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Decrease in appearance of hair on body and face
  • Constant feeling of discomfort around testicles
  • Poor sex drive

Which Is the Best Treatment for Azoospermia? 

Therapy is one of the best treatments for azoospermia. Genetic counselling and testing will help to identify the actual cause of azoospermia. Natural Fertility Can Azoospermia Prevent? | Fertility Clinics

Obstructive azoospermia caused due to vas deferens or other surgical procedures can be treated by reconstructing the tubes.

The tubes that prevent the sperm from flowing can help to fix the condition. Since low hormone production is also a cause, hormonal treatment can also help to treat the condition.

Medical treatment may not always be fruitful for treating non-obstructive azoospermia. You can opt for IVF treatment if you are suffering from non-obstructive azoospermia.

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