Nutritions to Maintain And Improve Sexual dysfunctions

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All Sexual dysfunctions -Ways to maintain And Improve  sexual desire

Improving And Managing  Your Sexual dysfunction may be one of the best options for any one who want to maintain and improve their sexual desire.

what is Sexual dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction is inability of a person to experience sexual arousal or to achieve sexual satisfaction under appropriate circumstances, as a result of either physical disorder or, more commonly, psychological problems. The most common forms of sexual dysfunction have traditionally been classified as impotence (inability of a man to achieve or maintain penile erection) and frigidity (inability of a woman to achieve arousal or orgasm during sexual intercourse.

Sexual dysfunction disorders may be classified into four categories:

  • Sexual Desire disorders ­-
  • Sexual Arousal disorders ­-
  • Sexual Orgasmic disorders ­-
  • Sexual pain disorders ­-

Sexual desire disorders

Desire disorders ­- When you are not interested in having sex or have less desire for sex than you used to. The condition ranges from a general lack of sexual desire to a lack of sexual desire for the current partner. The condition may have started after a period of normal sexual functioning or the person may always have had no/low sexual desire. Other causes may be aging, fatigue, pregnancy, medications or psychiatric conditions, such as depression and anxiety.

Sexual arousal disorders

When you can’t have an orgasm or you have pain during orgasm. This disorders were previously known as frigidity in women and impotence in men, though these have now been replaced with less judgmental terms. Impotence is now known as erectile dysfunction, and frigidity has been replaced with a number of terms describing specific problems with, for example, desire or arousal. For both men and women, these conditions can manifest themselves as an aversion to, and avoidance of, sexual contact with a partner. In men, there may be partial or complete failure to attain or maintain an erection, or a lack of sexual excitement and pleasure in sexual activity. There may be medical causes to these disorders, such as decreased blood flow or lack of vaginal lubrication. Chronic disease can also contribute, as well as the nature of the relationship  between the partners.

Erectile dysfunction Erectile dysfunction or impotence is a sexual dysfunction characterized by the inability to develop or maintain an erection of the penis.

Orgasm disorders

Orgasm disorders are persistent delays or absence of orgasm following a normal sexual excitement phase. The disorder can have physical, psychological, or pharmacological origins.

Sexual pain disorders

It is a Sexual pain disorders that  affect women almost exclusively and are known as dyspareunia (painful intercourse) or vaginismus (an involuntary spasm of the muscles of the vaginal wall that interferes with intercourse).. Poor lubrication may result from insufficient excitement and stimulation, or from hormonal changes caused by menopause,  pregnancy, or breast-feeding.

Sexual desire

This is part of the appetitive phase of the sexual response cycle and it may reflect the person’s drives, motivation and personality. It is the sexual fantasies and the desire to have sex.  Lack or loss of sexual desire (male or female), is the deficiency or absence of sexual fantasies and desire for sexual activity There are many factors which may result in a person experiencing a sexual dysfunction

Signs and Symptoms:

  • Premature or delayed ejaculation in men
  • Erectile dysfunction (not being able to achieve or maintain an erection)
  • Pain during sex
  • Lack or loss of sexual desire
  • Lower urinary tract symptoms
  • Difficulty having an orgasm
  • Vaginal dryness

What Causes It?: Sexual dysfunction can be temporary or long-lasting. Causes of sexual disorders vary and may include:

  • Age 65 and over in men
  • Some prescription medications, including some antidepressants
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Drug abuse
  • sexual fears or guilt, past sexual trauma, sexual disorders
  • emotional or physical causes
  • Depression, anxiety, or other psychological issues
  • Stressful life events
  • Certain medical conditions, such as diabetes and coronary heart disease
  • problems with an enlarged prostate gland
  • problems with blood supply
  • nerve damage (as in spinal cord injuries).
  • Sexual dissatisfaction (non-specific)

Other sexual problems

  • Lack of sexual desire
  • Impotence
  • Sexually transmitted diseases
  • Delay or absence of ejaculation, despite adequate stimulation
  • Inability to control timing of ejaculation
  • Inability to relax vaginal muscles enough to allow intercourse
  • Inadequate vaginal lubrication preceding and during intercourse
  • Burning pain on the vulva or in the vagina with contact to those areas
  • Unhappiness or confusion related to sexual orientation
  • Transsexual and transgender people may have sexual problems (before or after surgery), though actually being transgendered or transsexual is not a sexual problem in itself.
  • Persistent sexual arousal syndrome
  • Sexual addiction
  • Hypersexuality
  • All forms of Female genital cutting

Retrograde ejaculation :

This is a situation the semen moves backwards into the urinary bladder instead of  passing through the urethral and out of the penis. It is better to consult a doctor (urologist).

priapism :

This is prolonged or persistent erection unaccompanied by sexual desire.This condition is rare and potentially  dangerous. It is medical emergency. It is commonly seen in man with sickle cell disease. This condition always require urgent medical attention.

Nutrition and Supplements

Herbs Herbs are generally a safe way to strengthen and tone the body’s systems. As with any therapy, you should work with your health care provider to diagnose your problem before starting treatment.

Sexual problems For men and recommended products from Forever living company:

All products recommend here are powerful products from  forever living company put together  to  help you correct your Sexual problems and Sexual disorder. These products are very good for reproductive system and sexual  functions for both men and women


Ginkgo plus: 

Ginkgo increases circulation of blood to the brain, aids with poor memory and mental fatigue, elevates mood and energy, and increases concentration, alertness, and metabolism.  It increases circulation and  improve sexual function. Ginkgo may increase the effects of certain blood-thinning .

  • It Enhances blood supply to the brain
  • It  Helps support circulation
  • Energy level booster
  • Includes tonic herbs to boost the benefits of ginkgo.
  • it is very good for libido and other sexual problems.
  • it help to regenerate liver cells
  • It helps blood flow to body extremities such as brain hands, feet,
  • it is very good for recovery from stroke
  • it also reduces heart disease,hypertension and cholesterol
  • it fortifies the immune system
  • ginkgo stems deteriorating vision by maintaining adequate blood flow to the retina
  • 50:1 leaf-to-extract ratio
One tablet twice daily not advisable in children below 6 year and in pregnancy


Greater blood flow supports many important functions in our body:  It makes  you stay young and continue to look younger then your age.

  • Healthy blood pressure levels
  • It releases anti-aging hormones.
  • Overall cardiovascular health
  •  Muscle growth
  • Bone & tissue growth & repair
  • It improve Male and female sexual function /drive in both male and female.
  • Fat and glucose metabolism
  • Anti-aging hormone production and more
  • It fights free radicals
  • It increace muscle strength and reduces fatty tissues
  • It maintains blood glucose, so it is good for cases of diabetes


Bery Nectar:

 Aloe Berry Nectar contains all of the vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes found in our Aloe Vera Gel, plus the added benefits of cranberry and apple. Besides their reputation as a cleanser for the urinary tract, cranberries provide a high content of vitamin C. They are also a natural source of pycnogenol, a powerful antioxidant that is particularly useful in maintaining collagen.

  • All the benefits of Aloe Vera Gel with the sweeter taste of cranberries
  • Contains potent antioxidant which has a beneficial effect on the protection of the skin
  • Natural source of Vitamin C.
  • good for production of  the reproductive tracts
  • Good in managing sexual dysfunction in man and women
  • Good for all cases of menstrual disorders, etc
  • it is particularly good for urinary tract infections that affect kidney urinary bladder, urethra etc in both male and female
  • berry  nectar is also good for skin, the liver and the eye


Aloe gel:

The miraculous aloe leaf contains 200 compounds, including 20 minerals, 18 amino acids, and 12 vitamins. Our gel is preferred by those looking to maintain a healthy digestive system and a healthy energy level. Taken daily, it is one of the best nutritional supplements available. Read good reasons to drink Aloe Vera Gel daily:

  • A general tonic for good health
  • A useful source of vitamins
  • A useful source of minerals
  • It has anti-inflammatory and painkilling effects
  • Strong antiviral activity helps defends you against viruses and could help balance the immune system
  • It increases the activity of fibroblasts which produce collagen and elastin that can make the skin look younger
  • It helps keep the skin healthy so it is able to perform its functions more efficiently
  • It balances the bacteria and yeasts in the gut
  • It assists in healthy digestion by enhancing the absorption of nutrients
  • Improves bowel functions and elimination of waste from the body

blood flow supports many important functions in our body:  It makes  you stay young and continue to look younger then your age.

  • Healthy blood pressure levels
  • It releases anti-aging hormones.
  • Overall cardiovascular health
  • Immune function
  •  Muscle growth
  • Bone & tissue growth & repair
  • It improve Male and female sexual function /drive in both male and female.
  • Fat and glucose metabolism
  • Anti-aging hormone production and more
  • It fights free radicals
  • It increace muscle strength and reduces fatty tissues
  • It maintains blood glucose, so it is good for cases of diabetes


Two ancient herbs: golden chia from the West and ginseng from the East, give your body back what your busy lifestyle

takes out. Both herbs are powerful antioxidants with vitamins A, B1, B2, C, and D, plus thiamine, riboflavin, calcium, iron, sodium, potassium, capsicum, zinc, copper, magnesium, and manganese. Combined, they can act to increase stamina and endurance, and can support healthy circulation.

  • Powerful antioxidant
  • Can help increase stamina and endurance
  • Helps support healthy circulation
  • Man will appreciateit as it it is good for stamina and endurece
  • it is good anti-depressant mood elevator
  • it contains the hormones that help female- child growth,
  • it regulates all menstrual activities, disorders of female

Nature’s 18 :

A daily serving of Forever Nature’s 18 is your way of supporting your body with the fruits and vegetables, it needs to maintain your health. Fruits and vegetables contain powerful health-promoting and immuneenhancing antioxidants and other phytochemicals, and are an important source of many nutrients our bodies need daily.

  • 4 tablets give you the antioxidant equivalent of eating 5 servings of fruits and vegetable a day
  • Fruits and vegetables contain powerful health-promoting and immune-enhancing antioxidants plus other phytochemicals
  • Chewable, great tasting tablet – ideal for the entire family!
  • Good as tonic for growth, development.
  • Good for health maintaince and healing.

amino acids, plus 10 secondary amino acids.

  • One of the most complete foods
  • Easily absorbed and readily digestible
  • No preservatives, artificial colors or flavors
  • it increases libido in men and women
  • It has 18 amino acids, minerals, vitamins A, B-comlex, C,D and E
  • It rapidly builds up sperm count in men
  • it is also good for tissue repair and in reversing age process
  • it aids cell regeneration; therefore it is good for all cases of infertility in men and women

Forever B12 Plus

Dads-to-be need to think about what goes into their bodies, too. That’s because there’s evidence showing a link between folic acid and male fertility — and when it comes to folic acid, it seems more is more. In fact, one study showed that men who consume high levels of folic acid (over 700 mcg a day) actually lower their risk of sperm abnormalities by 20 to 30 percent. Why is that good? Well, the higher the quality of a guy’s sperm, the lower the chances of chromosomal abnormalities that can lead to birth defects, like Down syndrome, in babies. In other words, a great way for your partner to safeguard his boys is by loading up on folic acid (as well as other vitamins and minerals).

Folic acid (also known as folate or folacin) is actually the B9 vitamin; its main job in the body is to help produce and maintain new cells, and it’s especially important during cell division. Without folic acid, the body could not produce DNA (which is essential when it comes to making babies!) and red blood cells.

Forever B12 Plus combines folic acid with vitamin B12 in a time-release formula that provides a slow release of the dietary ingredients over a specific period of time. This technology helps provide a steady intake of the active ingredients to the body, resulting in enhanced and longer-lasting activity.

Vitamin B12 or cyanocobalamin (the only vitamin to contain cobalt) was first discovered in 1948 as the nutritional factor that prevented pernicious anaemia. B12 works with folic acid in many body processes including the synthesis of DNA (the genetic code material), red blood cells and the myelin sheath that insulates nerves and improves conduction of the signals. B12 also works with folic acid in reducing homocysteine levels in the body. For absorption from the stomach, B12 needs another substance called intrinsic factor; but even when this is absent, the oral administration of appropriate amounts will lead to a rise in blood levels of B12.


A-beta-care : 

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that has shown tremendous benefits in boosting men’s fertility and in more limited studies, women’s fertility too.

Antioxidants fight free radicals, which can cause fatigue. A-Beta-CarE supplies the body with vitamin A, vitamin E and selenium, powerful antioxidant nutrients that are vital for healthy skin, hair and eyesight.
Vitamin E is commonly recommended for men to help them fight fertility issues. Low levels of Vitamin E are usually found in men with fertility problems. So, by using a Vitamin E supplement, men can increase their fertility. Vitamin E can help improve sperm mobility and quality, making it easier for a woman to get pregnant. Vitamin E has also been shown to reduce sperm defects in men, which can lead to less risk of birth defects or miscarriage. The numbers are actually really good, showing that men who take Vitamin E supplements for even just a few months, can see up to a 10% increase in fertility.

  • Supports healthy skin
  • It helps protect sperm from damage
  • Supports the circulatory system
  • Powerful antioxidant

Arcti sea:

Omega-3 is an essential polyunsaturated fatty acid found in salmon and other seafood. Omega-9 is the unsaturated fatty acid found in vegetable products. Each capsule has an EPA content of 225 mg and 150 mg of DHA and oleic acid, all of which are lacking in most Western diets

  • Omega-3  fatty acids have been shown to help support circulatory function
  • Omega-3 and Omega-9 fatty acids can help support healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels
  • Helps support proper  joint function
  • Mercury-free
  • It also help men to increase libido and sperm production and reproduction.
  • It help to improve men memory and concentration
  • It help clean the heart and arteries
  • It regulate blood pressure.
  • it help in strengthening  the muscles
use: one capsule two times daily, with food.

Vitolize for Man

Vitolize is formulated with a proprietary blend of botanicals including saw palmetto, pygeum and pumpkin seed. Each of these botanicals has been used for centuries to support prostate health.

Vit0lize also includes a blend of nutrients specifically designed and balanced to support men’s health and promote healthy prostate function. Vitamins C, D, E, and B6 are all essential for a healthy prostate. These vitamins have been combined with the minerals selenium and zinc, which have been found to play a critical role in prostate health. Quercetin and lycopene have also been added in levels that are properly balanced with these critical nutrients to provide complete prostate support.

Today the prostate health has become an important issue for all men. that is whyVitolize Men’s Vitality Supplement contains all of the power of Forever Pro 6 with more nutrients, more bioavailable nutrient forms and more powerful botanicals.
When Vitolize is combined with healthy diet and multi maca, it offers a natural solution to support prostate health.  It is also a comprehensive formulation of highly effective blend of potent herbs, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that helps maintain normal urinary flow, promote healthy testicular function, and encourage optimal prostate health.

Forever  Multi Maca

Maca is the only plant known in the world that can grow and thrive at such high altitude and in such harsh weather. For more than two millennia, native Peruvians have used maca root as food and medicine to promote fertility, endurance, energy, vitality, and sexual virility.

Maca is such a nutrient-rich food that it contains a number of different vitamins, 31 different minerals and 60 different phytonutrients (some of which include carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, fiber, and also amino-acids).

Maca is supportive of overall fertility health in a number of ways and complementary to most natural fertility programs.

Maca has been scientifically researched for the use of increasing fertility since 1961 and has been shown to contain specific compounds called glucosinolates which directly can affect fertility for both men and women. These alkaloids are responsible for maca’s ability to support hormonal balance

Sperm quality, sperm count per ejaculation and healthy sperm motility – Studies show an improvement in all three of these areas of sperm health. The resulting effects are thought to be due to Maca’s ability to support hormonal balance where it is needed, additionally the nutrients it provides to the body that supports cellular health.

Immune health & stress response – Maca is an adaptogen which as a class of herbs are helpful for those with immune-related fertility issues. Immunological fertility problems cause the body to identify part of its reproductive function as an enemy and as a result sends Natural Killer (NK) cells to attack. Maca aids the body in proper immune response.

Royal jelly

Royal jelly is an anabolic porridge produced by worker bees, and it seems to increase testosterone levels in infertile men

Male infertility may occur due to different causes, therefore , different therapeutic approaches have been applied in order to improve the ability of men to get children . Semen analysis is used to determine the fertility potential in males, but the occurrence of pregnancy is the evidence of sperm ability for fertilization. Although male fertility is affected by food and
nutrients, but little attention is paid for the use of Royal Jelly and no previous studies on the use of Royal Jelly in the treatment of male infertility. Eighty – three infertile men were treated with Royal Jelly, twenty – two with 100mg Royal Jelly, twenty –one with 50mg Royal Jelly, twenty with 25mg Royal Jelly and twenty with pure honey. Our study showed that, the treatments were safe and there were no side effects. After three months of treatment , the sperm active motility , testosterone level ,
Lutelizing hormones level , sluggishly motile sperm and intercourse / week increased significantly in infertile men treated with Royal Jelly , while sperm count and FSH level increased not significantly . On the basis of results, Royal Jelly is safe and effective in the treatment of male infertility.

Royal Jelly is a Potent Testosterone Booster

Royal jelly is packed full of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. One could easily call it a natural multivitamin.

It’s also a relatively dense source of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that improves the messaging between cells and hormones helping the liver to chelate estrogen).

Forever Bee pollen

Bee pollen is a powerful superfood which has been scientifically documented and proven as a resource for general physical and sexual health in both men and women. Its nutritional properties are astounding. It happens to be packed with all the vitamins and minerals that support a healthy sex drive and keep sexual organs in top working order – such as antioxidants, vitamin E, iron, zinc, magnesium, selenium, rutin just to name a few.

  • Bee pollen is also packed with zinc. Zinc and sex drive are powerfully linked, and this natural libido booster is packed with zinc, making it an incredible super food for men’s sex lives.
  • Studies at The University of Sarajevo in Yugoslavia found bee pollen effective in treating impotence in men between 20 and 52 years of age. After just one month of using pollen, the majority showed improvement in their sex lives.
  • Bee pollen has a dramatic effect on sperm count and increased fertility. Results of tests showed that sperm swam faster, were more viable and lasted longer.
  • One particular problem that affects many men and their sexual health is prostate inflammation, and this often happens as men reach middle age. Enlarged prostates cause all kinds of problems, including pain and burning that can make sex very painful and undesirable. Honey bee pollen eases the pain of inflammation and helps to shrink the prostate, making sex enjoyable again.