Why Women Lose Their Sex Drive And which Female Libido Enhancer Should I Use

Why Women Lose Their Sex Drive And which Female Libido Enhancer Should I Use

Why Women Lose Their Sex Drive – Physical and psychological factors could explain why many women are losing their sex drive, shows new study. 

A lack of sexual desire is one of the most common sexual dysfunctions among women, and one in ten women are distressed by reduced libido. Why Women Lose Their Sex Drive

A new study has looked into the factors behind this trend among women aged between 19 and 58.

The study suggests that the male sex hormone testosterone may influence women’s sexual desire and is further influenced by a wide range of both psychological and social factors. Why Women Lose Their Sex Drive

“There’s no simple explanation for why some women lack sexual desire. Testosterone may play a role in women’s sexual desire, but we also show that psychological and social factors play a major role,” says lead-author Sarah Wåhlin-Jacobsen, a doctor, and PhD student at the Sexological Clinic at University Hospital of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Desire is nothing more than biology

The new study underlines the fact that sex and desire are about much more than just hormones and biology, says physician and professor of sexology Christian Graugaard from the Sexology Research Centre, University of Aalborg, Denmark.

“Sexuality is a complex affair, where the biological, psychological, and social factors all play a role,” he says.

“And this complexity should of course be reflected in both the evaluation and treatment of women who complain about the lack of desire,” says Graugaard, who was not involved in the study. Why Women Lose Their Sex Drive

The new study is based on questionnaires of 428 pre-menopausal Danish women.

Measured testosterone among women

The women answered a number of questions about their relationships, psychological well-being, and sexual function—including whether or not they were experiencing a low sex drive.

“Low desire is not necessarily a problem for all women. It’s only classified as a sexual dysfunction when the woman is distressed by having a low sex drive,” says Wåhlin-Jacobsen.

They compared the women’s responses about their libido with the amount of testosterone in their blood.

Testosterone is often described as the male sex hormone, but it is also produced naturally in women’s ovaries and adrenal glands, although in smaller quantities than in the male body.

“We know that the sex hormone testosterone is physiologically important for male sexual drive, but the importance of testosterone in women is far from clear,” says Graugaard.

Role of testosterone on women’s sexual desire is unclear

Previous studies have indicated that testosterone affects both male and female sexual desire.

When Wåhlin-Jacobsen published her first results two years ago, the Danish media concluded that “testosterone makes women want to have sex” and “lower testosterone makes women want to have less sex.” 

In the previous study, Wåhlin-Jacobsen examined a group of women and discovered that there was a correlation between the level of testosterone and the women’s degree of sexual desire. Why Women Lose Their Sex Drive

But in the new study, Wåhlin-Jacobsen focussed on the women that were distressed by this lack of sexual desire and those that were classified as sexually dysfunctional. This is when the role of testosterone on women’s libido became unclear.

“When we only looked at the group of women who had a lower sex drive and were distressed by it, it didn’t look as though the testosterone level had much significance. Here, the length of the relationship and symptoms of depression played a more significant role,” she says.

Sexual desire depends on your partner

The new study also shows that women’s sex drive may depend on the partner’s ability to deliver between the sheets.

If their partner had sexual problems, such as difficulties getting an erection, the woman was less likely to have problems with her own libido. Why Women Lose Their Sex Drive

“It’s an interesting finding. Women who reported that their partner had sexual problems, had half the risk themselves of experiencing a reduced sex drive,” says Wåhlin-Jacobsen.

“Our hypothesis is that when the partner has sexual problems, then the woman doesn’t feel that her sexual needs are being satisfied. She experiences a kind of pent-up desire and therefore reports a high amount of desire,” she says.

Another explanation may be that the perception of what constitutes a low sex drive is very subjective and depends on how often you and your partner have sex. Why Women Lose Their Sex Drive

The problem is all relative, says Wåhlin-Jacobsen.

“If the partner has a higher sexual drive, then she may find that she has a problem,” she says.

Mental state also plays an important role in women’s sexual desire.

It is well known that depression and other mental illnesses can suppress your sex drive, but minor mental health problems may also play a role in between the sheets, shows the new study.

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Why Do I Have a Low Sex Drive and Which Female Libido Enhancer Should I Use?

  1.  Decrease in female Libido means low sex drive in woman and they fail in performing lovemaking activities, so it is essential to keep Libido boosted up. If Libido decreases, then there are many ways of increasing the Libido. Why Women Lose Their Sex Drive

The main question that arises in a woman’s mind is that why do I have a low sex drive?

  1. This can be cured by the help of natural remedy by using Fantasy capsules. Causes for Low Sex Drive in Women: There are many causes of low libido in women which incorporates way of life, lovemaking issues, surgery, exhaustion and change in hormones. So the explanations behind bringing down low sex drive in women are. Causes Low Sex Drive In Women. Why Women Lose Their Sex Drive
  2. Way of life: Too much liquor or smoking might be viewed as one of the reasons for low lovemaking wants in females. As these propensities diminish blood stream, the excitement likewise ends up dull thereby rising a question in mind why do I have a low sex drive? Causes Low Sex Drive In Women
  3. Surgery: Any surgery that has been identified with genital tracts or bosom may likewise be one of the reasons for low lovemaking desire in females. Medicinal illnesses: There are numerous infections which are nonsexual yet bring down the want for performing lovemaking act. These ailments incorporate malignancy, hypertension, diabetes and so forth. Causes Low Sex Drive In Women
  4. Hormonal Change: During the season of pregnancy, in the wake of having an infant and furthermore amid the season of bosom bolstering can bring down lovemaking wants. Changes in want of performing lovemaking act can likewise change as a result of the weight of infant amid the season of pregnancy. Causes Low Sex Drive In Women. Why Women Lose Their Sex Drive
  5. Dropping of Estrogens levels may likewise be expressed as one of the essential explanation behind low want of lovemaking act. A slacking Libido is seen by a few ladies in this sort of hormonal change which causes low sex drive in woman.
  6. Female Low Libido Treatment: Ladies can take certain nourishments that are especially rich in vitamin C as that will expand blood stream that expands female Libido normally. Female low Libido Treatment
  7. There are numerous other simple approaches to increase sex drive in women, and that incorporates utilization of water to stay away from drying out and utilization of spices like basil and garlic which assumes a crucial part in expanding the stream of the blood through genital tracts and in this manner expanding the want for lovemaking act.  Why Women Lose Their Sex Drive
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