Why Sperm outflow (reflux) from the vagina

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Sperm outflow (reflux) from the vagina

WHY does sperm flow back and out from the vagina after sexual intercourse, even when the woman adopts for several minutes a position which raises or elevates the bottom half of her body to counter the force of gravity? Is this problem from the woman or the man?

This problem is a nightmare for many women and their spouses, especially if they want a baby from their sexual relationships. The Yoruba’s call this condition eda (d:d:), translated as pouring. This, indeed, is a case of pouring forth!

The problem can come from either party. First, the man or the woman (or both) may produce anti-sperm antibody. This is a chemical substance produced by the immune system which misrecognises the sperm as an enemy invading force and goes all out to attack. If anti-sperm antibodies come from the man, the tails of the sperm cells may be attacked, rendering them immobile. Should the antibodies come from the woman, the heads of the sperm cells are likely targets. In either case, the sperm cells become weakened and are unable to penetrate the mucus secretion of the cervix, which sits on the vagina and forms the gateway to the womb. In the same vein, if the woman vagina is too acidic, it becomes inhospitable to the sperm cells which thrive in an alkaline environment and may thus inadvertently kill them. Anti-sperm antibodies in either the man or woman suggest a previous infection. It is perhaps for this reason that the healthy semen is richly laden with antibodies which are meant to suppress anti-sperm antibodies. But where this is not produced or supplied in sufficient quantum, it is like sending out to war inadequately armed troops!

The second leg of this problem concerns only the woman and the mucus produced by her cervix. This mucus is helpful as a natural form of contraception called the BILLINGS or CERVICAL MUCUS METHOD. Women know they produce mucus in this region and that the nature of the mucus (light or thick, clear or cloudy) changes at different times in the menstrual cycle. The mucus is produced by the glands of the cervix and one of its functions is to help guide or transport the sperm to the egg or ovum. The mucus itself is guided or aided on in this journey by hair like cells which line the canal. The mucus is thin, watery and stretchy before and during ovulation. Ovulation is when the egg is released by the ovary. The thin, watery and stretchy mucus has in it channels or passage-ways which guide the sperm to the egg. But after ovulation, consistency of the mucus changes and it becomes thick and sticky, inelastic and inhibitive to the movement of sperm, closing the way to the cervix and to the womb and the egg. With the gate thus shut, the sperm naturally flows backward and outwards! Thick cervical mucus all-cycle-round may indicate inflammation and excitement of the glands of the cervix. This may be due to an infection, diary intolerance, irritation by chemical agent in soaps, tampons or sanitary pads and douching substances. Hormonal imbalance may also have a dirty hand in it. So could the over consumption of white sugar, and overuse of pharmaceutical drugs which may have upset the balance of friendly bacteria population vis­a-vis the unfriendly bacterial flora.

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There are three other possible causes of back flowing semen, although these do not appear to be as critically important for conception as the foregoing. One is ORGASM. Another is a RETROVERTED UTERUS. The third is a PENIS that is too long. Before a woman attains orgasm, there is an increased blood flow to the genital area in preparation for the receipt of the sperm. Orgasm disperses the blood, thus decongesting the genital tract to enable the sperm move more swiftly. Where a woman does not attain orgasm before the sperm are received, this could harm her conception, although this is not a cast iron rule. Apart from fish, man is probably the only known specie which engages in intercourse with both parties lying one on top of the other. It has been suggested that his erect position warrants this, if gravity is not to debar speedy and efficient movement of sperm to the egg. Accordingly, it is said, the uterus is positioned on a horizontal plane in the human architecture when he lies down. In this position, sperm fired at about 80 miles an hour do not have to fight against gravity in their search for an egg.

It is for this reason, it is argued, that nature tires the woman out and keeps her lYing still for a few minutes after intercourse. But in some woman, the uterus is retroverted and the cervix, mouth of the uterus sitting on the vagina, is pushed forward. This means sperm may first be fired to the back side of the cervix from where they have to find their way back again to the neck of the cervix. Many never make it. It is believed that men with too long penis may misfire sperm during ejaculation and miss the target. For this reason, some authorities suggest that they pull back the shaft about three inches in the vagina vault just before ejaculation.

Dr. R. Sharma author of THE FAMILY ENCYCLOPODIA OF HEALTH subtitled The C mplete Family Reference Guide To Altemative & Orthodox Medic Diagnosis, Treatment & Preventive Medice, presents anchor regarding a titled womb or uterus. He says each time the uterus tilts, the cervis is “pushed against any of the sides of vaginal wall,” such a woman, he suggests, “should take up a position during intercourse that moves the womb through the pull of the gravity, thus moving the cervix away from the vaginal wall.”

Dr. Sharma reports the case history of one of the patients of rus ta

“Mrs. J.G. came .to see my father over 15 years ago. She was from the Cameron and had undergone tests for infertility there, in Switzerland and in London, all to no avail. She came to see a complementary practitioner as a last resort and was very surprised when my father, after a full examination, gave her a basic homeopathic remedy and told her to lie on her right-hand side whenever she and her husband were trying to conceive. I now look after her and her family of four children, all concerned at times when she was lying on her right-hand side”

Wa…aoh! But let me quickly add that what side to lie on will depend, quite naturally, on to which side the uterus is tilted. Any woman beset with this problem should discuss with her gynecologist Dr. Sharmas’ technique (try the internet for more details). He should then be in a better position to advise on which side she should lie.

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