Top Signs That You Have Too Much Toxins In Your Body

Top Signs That You Have Too Much Toxins In Your Body

Top Signs That You Have Too Much Toxins In Your Body and What to Do About It

Before a hundreds of year, people didn’t have to worry about toxins and their bodies because they used natural (simplistic) way of life. Everybody knows the saying: ,, You are what you eat”. Today we can’t be sure that we consume healthy organic food because almost every piece of the world is polluted.

The toxins are inescapable part of our lives. There are more than 100,000 different chemicals used commercially in the general house care products, medicine we take and food that appear totally innocent in the Nigeria.

The latest study conducted by Environmental Working Group showed that pollution even affects unborn babies. As the toxins became inescapable part of our lives, detoxification also has to be crucial process in your everyday life.

Important Signs That You Have a Lot of Toxins in Your BodyWhen we know the presence of toxins in our society, it will be really useful to tell you the negative effects to your overall health.

  • Congestion
  • Worsened PMS Symptoms
  • Joint and muscle pain
  • Loss of motivation and mental clarity
  • Increases in eczema, acne, psoriasis and other skin condition
  • Development of hemorrhoids or ulcers
  • Digestion troubles
  • Worsening asthma and arthritis
  • Persisting exhaustion
  • Foul Breath and body odor
  • Sleep disorders like restlessness and insomnia

There are many diseases that can be worsened if you have a large amount of toxins in your body. Heart diseases, fibromyalgia, cancer, depression, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s are also catalyzed with the presence of toxins.

In the fight against body toxicity, knowledge is the best weapon. Practicing Detoxification and reducing the exposure to toxins can only encourage happier and healthier lifestyle.

Major Source of ToxinsYou can intake the major amount of toxins through the direct intake of food. Pesticides used to sprinkle the crops and chemicals and additives in the processed food are the things that should be avoided when possible.

Chemicals are also presented in a lot of deodorants, skin creams, toothpastes, lotions, soaps, body washes and shampoos. You should make your own healthcare products if you want to avoid the toxins.

Environmental factors such as air circulations and cleaning products are the third contributor of toxins. The productions of commercial good and, vehicles, some are also one of the biggest polluters.

Easy and Simple Steps for Optimal Detoxification

1.Supplementation – There are some healthy (natural) supplements such as chlorella and spirullina that will effectively remove the toxins from your body.

2.Exercises –  Permanent exercising will transform your body into toxin flushing machine and will fire up your circulation.

3.Maintain Healthy Digestion – The consumption of right amount of fiber will help you to maintain healthy digestion.

4.Go Organic –  One of the healthiest way of living is to go organic which means to STOP with the consumption of processed food (fast food, artificial sweeteners, refined food, to replace the oil with olive oil).

5.Stay Hydrated – You have to consume a lot of water if you want to flush out the chemical from your body. Filer can purify your water