Top 10 Foods to Increase Fertility

Foods That Boost Fertility woman fertility

Foods to Increase Fertility

If you want to increase your fertility, start by eating right. Your health is not the only thing that is at stake if you constantly stuff yourself with unhealthy foods. It may never have occurred to you but certain types of food help facilitate or impede your fertility. If you have been trying to get pregnant, certain foods can help you achieve this goal quickly.

Top 10 Foods to Increase Fertility

  1. Water – Keeping your body well-hydrated at all times is very important and this can be achieved by drinking sufficient amount of clean filtered or spring water. Water aids in the proper functioning of the reproductive system and this includes providing natural fluid to assist the sperm in reaching the cervix.
  1. Green leafy vegetables – These are the most essential of all healthy foods. Green leafy vegetables like spinach provide high antioxidant content as well as iron, folic acid and other nutrients needed to maintain healthy reproductive organs. Folic acid in green leafy vegetables will help generate viable and healthy eggs to prevent birth defects in babies.
  1. Orange and yellow vegetables – Another group of highly nutritious vegetables are orange and yellow vegetables such as squash and carrots. These contain high amount of beta carotene that corrects hormonal imbalance thus helping pregnant mothers keep their baby safe in the womb until birth.
  1. Cruciferous vegetables – These include broccoli and cabbage. These vegetables contain phyto-nutrients to aid in the regulation of the metabolism of estrogen in the body. These foods are also recommended for women suffering from endometriosis and uterus fibroids.
  1. Crop vegetables and peas – An example of crop vegetables are sweet potatoes and carrots. They, too, contain beta carotene that promotes regular blood flow during your monthly menstrual period and increase your fertility at the same time.
  1. Vitamin C-rich fruits – Vitamin C is known to increase our immune system and protect us from common illnesses. However, it is also believed to help repair cell damage thanks to the presence of antioxidants. It will help transport the sperm all the way up to the uterus and into the fallopian tubes to fertilize the egg. Examples of vitamin C-rich fruits are blueberries, papaya, oranges, kiwis and strawberries.
  1. Dairy products and other meats – Dairy foods like eggs are rich in protein. Other sources of protein-rich foods are meat and fish. These foods are rich in amino acid that aids in the generation of fertility hormones FSH and LH.
  1. Whole grain bread and tortillas – These kinds of foods have sufficient amount of iron and vitamin B which are needed to boost your fertility hormones.
  1. Nuts – Certain nuts are known to contain healthy fats called the omega-3 fatty acid which also aids in promoting fertility in both men and women. You can get this vitamin from almonds and walnuts.

     10.Vegetable proteins – Eat a moderate amount of vegetable proteins like tofu and soy products. This will help you    achieve the ideal pregnancy weight and increase your chances of getting pregnant.