Q – Can I Get Pregnant If My Periods Are Irregular?

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Can I Get Pregnant If My Periods Are Irregular?

If you are having irregular periods you may find it is more difficult to become pregnant. However, this does not necessarily mean that you will not be able to become pregnant on your own. There are many factors that must be considered before determining if you need help due to your irregular periods.


For example, your chances of becoming pregnant will be affected by the reason you’re having irregular periods, how irregular that they are, and whether you are able to coordinate intercourse with your ovulation of the irregular periods.


Surprisingly, it is actually fairly normal for women to experience issues with irregular cycles on occasion. There are a number of reasons that can cause irregular cycles, such as stress or illness. These can do away with your period or even cause it to be longer or shorter than normal. It is common to have a couple of periods every year that are irregular and they typically are not reason for concern.


Sometimes it may be difficult to explain the exact reason that a woman has an irregular period. Sometimes no reason can be determined. However, other times this can be a sign that ovulation is not occurring. If this is the case, you will not be able to become pregnant.

Another reason that irregular periods may be occurring could be in relation to polycystic ovarian syndrome. This syndrome causes cysts to grow on the ovaries and may hinder a woman’s ability to become pregnant.

Irregular cycles can also be a sign that your hormones are out of balance, but this does not mean that you are not ovulating, but that your ovulation day may vary from one month to the next.

Other causes may be due to weight. Weight can cause difficulties in becoming pregnant and can be a disruption to your monthly cycle. Being overweight or underweight can both be an issue as can extreme exercise and extreme dieting. If this is the issue, you should strive to maintain a healthy weight and a normal amount of exercise and a healthy diet. This can help you become pregnant naturally.


There are some times when you should talk to your doctor about an irregular period. For example, if your cycle is consistently irregular, you need to talk your gynecologist even if you’re not trying to become pregnant.

You also need to talk to your doctor if you have been trying to become pregnant for over a year and are under the age of 35. For those who are over the age of 35, you need to talk to your doctor after you have been trying to become pregnant for six months. There are some simple blood tests that your doctor can run in order to determine if you are ovulating are not. There are also some medications that your doctor may prescribe if you continue to have issues with an irregular cycle or if you or not ovulating at all.


One of the most difficult things about trying to become pregnant with an irregular cycle is that it is difficult to determine the best time to have intercourse because it may be difficult to monitor when you’re ovulating. However, there are some methods that can make this task a little easier.

One of the best methods is using a basal thermometer. This method is very accurate and you will need to follow the instructions carefully in order to receive the best results. Make sure that you test first thing in the morning, without a lot of movement, so that your results are the most accurate.


Another product that can help predict ovulation is an ovulation predictor kit. These kits are highly effective and will help determine if you will be ovulating in the next couple of days. It is also important that you are diligent when using these kits and test daily.


If you are having an irregular cycle, it can be difficult to become pregnant. However, there are ways that you can become pregnant even if you do have an irregular cycle. Remember to talk to your doctor if you continue to have issues and in the meantime follow the suggestions listed above to help increase your chances of becoming pregnant.