Maca Helps optimize male health and hormones Increase – libido and sexual function

Maca Helps optimize male health and hormones Increase – libido and sexual function

According to Incan custom, different Maca colors can be used to treat various ailments. This, according to our own scientific investigation, is caused by the fact that different colored Maca phenotypes have various bioactive profiles.

As Maca specialists, we collaborate closely with indigenous shamans and researchers to comprehend what our bodies need from Maca and how it may support good health. To reach optimum health, men and women need various Maca combinations because their therapeutic needs are varied.

We have created the ideal Maca blend to restore balance and vigor to your body based on our understanding of the holy traditions of Maca and the demands of men.

It is designed to help in managing stress and enhancing energy, endurance, stamina, mental health, focus, libido, fertility, and prostate function.

All our Maca is 100% organic and sourced direct from the farm in Peru. We analyse and test every batch for potency by standardising the macamide concentrations (maca’s main bioactive components).

To see the process of how each batch is produced view here.  Taken daily Maca for Men has the ability to:

  • Boost energy and vitality
  • Promote stamina and endurance
  • Balance mental health
  • Improve mental focus and clarity
  • Increase libido and sexual function
  • Increase fertility
  • Improve prostate function
  • Reduce stress levels

Maca for Men is a scientifically formulated blend of activated black, yellow and red maca designed to optimize male health and hormones.

Ingredients: 100% organic activated* black, red and yellow Maca powder scientifically formulated to optimise men’s health

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