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FAB – The Healthy Energy Booster and Drink

In the fast-paced world we live in today, energy drinks are more than just the trendy accessory for the trendy individual – they have become an integral part of our lives. Juggling job deadlines, office work, school runs, house chores, child care, workouts etc. is very exhausting and requires a solid unfailing energy reserve which often, we do not have. This is where energy drinks come in, to give us that extra energy boost when we really need it.

The negative effects of Caffeine which is a main ingredient of most energy drinks have been documented extensively. As result there is a need for a healthier, more natural energy drink – a need which is perfectly satisfied by Forever Active Boost or FAB X.

Forever Active Boost (FAB) – Natural Energy Booster

So what makes FAB a better option to what is currently found on the market?

The simple answer to that question is…the INGREDIENTS! It is what is found in those 250mL of goodness! Let explain in detail what makes it the perfect option for YOU!

What Makes FAB Fabulous?

  1.  FAB provides immediate, quick energy boost as well as long-term energy without the crash you experience from other energy drinks.
  2.  It has Aloe Vera in it! (Click to read the benefits of Aloe Vera).
  3.  Contains Guarana: a natural supplement from the Guarana berry. This supplement is a powerful antioxidant and a natural stimulant which provides the immediate energy boost.
  4.   It is NOT a diuretic, so can be consumed during exercise to boost energy and performance levels.
  5.  FAB provides the body with long-term energy, which is fueled by ADX7 Technology.

So then, what is this ADX7 Technology and what does it do?

ADX7 technology is a proprietary blend of adaptogenic herbs, vitamins, aminos and electrolytes.

The key to sustaining healthy energy is reducing stress. Now, during stress, cortisol (a stress hormone) is released by the adrenal glands. This hormone has an energy-draining effect on the body, promoting fatigue, raised blood sugar levels and even weight gain. The role of ADX7 is to control cortisol levels in the body at a cellular level and to replenish your energy levels more efficiently.

The composition of ADX7 is key to its function as a long-term energy booster. The components of this unique technology are:


This amino acid is essential for cardiovascular function as well as the development and function of the skeletal muscles, retina and central nervous system. When under stress or fatigue, Taurine supports the body by replenishing lost nutrients.

B-Complex Vitamins (B3, B5, B6, B12)

B3: Boost HDL Cholesterol levels. This is important for reducing the risk of heart disease.

B5: Aids in breaking down fats and carbs; helps in the production of sex and stress-related hormones; reduces signs of aging and promotes healthy skin.

B6: Regulates levels of homocysteine which is associated with heart disease; reduces inflammation, so it is good for muscles and joints; plays an important role in mood and sleep patterns because it helps produce Seretonin, Melatonin and Noradrenaline.

B12: Helps in the production of red blood cells and haemoglobin, so it improves the uptake of oxygen by the red blood cells.


Electrolytes such as Sodium are critical in allowing cells to generate energy, maintain the stability of cellular walls and for general cell function.

Adaptogenic Herbs

These herbs have been shown to increase oxygen intake, thereby increasing energy production. As a result muscle glycogen is spared, allowing you to be active for longer periods. Adaptogens have a homeostatic effect on the body, protecting and raising an individual’s efficiency and resistance to physical, chemical and biological stress. Therefore, its main effect is to increase energy availability during the day, reduce the feeling of stress, increase endurance, provide greater mental alertness and promote deep and restful sleep.

For more information on Adaptogenic Herbs found in FAB, visit –     drinkfab.info/adx7.html

These impressive characteristics of FAB provide you with an effective healthy alternative to caffeinated and high sugar content energy drinks.

For all ‘Sugar-Free’ enthusiasts, you will love FAB X. It provides the same healthy blend of vitamins, amino acids, electrolytes, Guarana and adaptogens with the calories, sugars or carbs.

FAB X (Sugar Free, Zero Calorie) & FAB Healthy Natural Energy Drink

So, give FAB or FAB X a try; get that energy boost when you need it most without the harmful effects.


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