6 Warning Signs Of Eye Problem You Must Not Ignore Today

7 Warning Signs Of Eye Problem You Must Not Ignore

The human eyes is not just beautiful, it is a masterpiece of design. I believe it is more astonishing than the finest optical instrument in the world. What is more fascinating about the eyes is that despite its complexity, it functions with great precision.

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Lots of people either deliberately indulge in bad habits that are detrimental to the eyes or they ignore important warning signs of eye trouble that could be handled by any eye specialist effectively to prevent progression.

Reading with poor light, using cosmetics that causes eye reactions, using wrong glasses all in the name of fashion, watching television or looking into one’s phone for long are some of the most important causes of eye problems.

To avoid loosing your eyesight in old age, or developing a very poor eyesight while you are still young and agile, please take note of these warning signs of eye problem to know when you need urgent medical attention.

1. Red Eyes. Habits like scratching the eyes, or poking objects that irritates the eyes can make it turn red. Asides the aforementioned causes, if your eyes turn red all of a sudden you need to take it seriously and seek for professional intervention.

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2. Watery Eyes or Excessively Tearing Eyes. This is a mechanism the eyes uses to wash-off irritants and prevent dryness of the eyes. However, consistent watery eyes is a warning sign of eye problem and you definitely need an eye specialist to check it out.

3. Dry Eyes. This is known as “xerophalmia”. Consistent dry eyes is a warning sign that there is a problem with your eyes.

4. Flashes that looks like stars or a wave of white lights.

5. Cloudy Eyeballs. The eyes are usually clear, but when substances begin to build-up within the eyeballs and cause them to become cloudy then you need seek professional attention urgently.

6. Inability to see at night (night blindness)

7. Inability to discern objects clearly.


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