6 natural things to increase your chances of pregnancy

Every woman wants to have a child of her own sometime in her lifetime and when it’s not coming at the right time, worry sets in. Worried about getting pregnant? The first step to solving that problem is to take in some air and breathe.

In case you haven’t heard, stress can negatively affect your ability to get pregnant. Shocking right? Well, we know you would be surprised and you would be curious about how it works. We got you covered! This post will show you how stress affects a woman’s fertility and what can be done about it.

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How Does Stress Affect Fertility?
1.Stress can cause a woman not to ovulate and skip her menstrual flow which makes it difficult to get pregnant. It works at the level of the hypothalamus, an area of the brain that controls the whole menstrual cycle.

  1. Stress also can likely impact the uterus in terms of implantation of an embryo, which indirectly prevents pregnancy.
  2. When people are stressed, they tend to eat in less than healthy ways. Constant stress has been shown to lead to weight gain, and weight gain and obesity have in turn been linked to fertility problems.
  3. Some people cope with stress by dieting or find that they lose their appetite when under a lot of pressure. At the extreme, the eating disorder anorexia can end your menstrual cycles. No menstrual cycle means no ovulation which means no pregnancy.

What Do You Do About it?
1.Getting adequate sleep at night and avoiding the night shift if possible may help improve your chances of getting pregnant.

  1. Have sex with your partner just to have fun but not with the baby making consciousness.
  • Try Y. or massages, they are one of the best ways to decrease stress and increase fertility. Beyond decreasing the negative impacts of stress, it likely increases blood flow to reproductive organs, thus improving fertility.
  • Doing something enjoyable also boosts serotonin, a mood-enhancing brain chemical. That’s an added bonus.

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