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Why You Need Full Body Cleansing

The 9 Step Body Cleanse

The best approach for addressing the root cause of poor health is through regular body cleansing. Degenerative health conditions typically result from your body becoming so contaminated with toxic waste that your internal self-healing mechanism loses its ability to keep your body healthy. Most people absorb thousands of health depleting toxins every day from meat, milk, genetically modified foods, microwaved foods, soy, alcohol, prescription drugs, stress, refined sugar, air, caffeine, water, toxic metals, vaccines, harmful organisms, stress, white flour, table salt, electromagnetic radiation, pesticides, artificial sweeteners, MSG (Monosodium Glutamate), industrial chemicals and the list goes on.

The Benefits of Cleansing Your Body

Vibrant and exceptional health comes from regular body cleansing and reducing your daily toxin intake. To achieve a state of optimal health, people should perform a full body cleanse once or twice per year. Because of the toxic air we breathe on a daily basis we also recommend using Aloe Vera Gel Drinks and Vital5 Detox program to expectorate toxins and support your respiratory system.

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Maintaining a Clean Body

Maintain a healthy body by eating organic foods, purifying the water and air in your home and workplace, using non-toxic chemicals, exercising, reducing your stress levels and keeping your body’s natural elimination routes (urination, defecation, sweating, respiration and menses in women) working efficiently. For a complete guide on improving and maintaining your health, read “Body Cleanse” which describes the daily toxins most people are exposed to and provides you with simple methods for replacing and eliminating them from your diet, home and work environment so you can live a healthy, clean, and a green life!

Hopefully, you are ready to do a full body cleanse to improve your health, increase your energy and look and feel younger. We recommend you start with the 9 body cleansing steps which have worked the best for our clients over the years. Please note that any one of these body cleanses can be performed individually at any time.

Signs You Need to Detox|Ways Your Body on Toxic Overload?: