Best Natural Remedy for Low Sperm Count & Mobility

Best Forever Living Fertility Products  and Supplements for Men – Helps Improve Men Chances of Conceiving.

Male infertility can be difficult to discuss and is often limited to the company of one’s physician or closest family and friends. However, it’s actually quite common for men to experience fertility issues, and wanting to improve your chances of conception with a loving partner shouldn’t be shameful or embarrassing.

According to the American Pregnancy Association, 30 percent of all cases of infertility can be traced to the male in a relationship. This means that if you are struggling with male fertility, you are not alone. You should also know that you may have solutions.

What Causes Male Infertility?

Several factors can influence male fertility, sperm concentration, sperm count, sperm motility,  and sperm health with some of the most common including:

  • Pre-existing genetic conditions
  • Abuse of alcohol, cannabis, tobacco, and other recreational drugs
  • Groin injury or damage to the testicles and surrounding area
  • A personal sexual history of STIs or urinary tract infections
  • Hormonal imbalances, predominantly in the form of a low testosterone level
  • Erectile dysfunction or ejaculatory issues
  • Obesity
  • Poor nutrition
  • Over-exercising or, conversely, having a sedentary lifestyle 
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Increased age

Sperm count refers to the number of active sperm present in a man’s semen, while sperm motility – or mobility – refers to the speed and dexterity of those sperm cells.

According to Dr. James Nodler of CCRM Fertility in Houston, Texas “Reducing alcohol and caffeine consumption, avoiding tobacco products, getting six to eight hours of sleep a night, and keeping a healthy diet can be greatly beneficial to both sperm quantity and quality.”

The good news is that, in some cases, male fertility supplements can also help to assuage the problem.

How Do Fertility Supplements Work?

For men wrestling with infertility, adopting healthier lifestyle habits is key to improving sperm quantity and quality. While you can’t change your age or genetic makeup, you can reduce stress, adopt a nutritious diet, lose some weight if necessary, quit smoking, reduce your alcohol intake, and add a supplement to your daily routine. 

  • Improve chances to conceive: “Supplements are additional aids to an overall healthy lifestyle and can help many couples improve their chances to conceive, in specific situations,” says Dr. Felice Gersh, 
  • Neutralize free radicals and oxidating stress: Dr. Lucky Sekhon, a reproductive endocrinologist and infertility expert at RMA of New York, adds that sperm is very susceptible to damage from free radicals and pro-oxidant chemicals/exposures.“Therefore supplements and vitamins that neutralize excess free radicals and oxidative stress have been shown to improve semen analysis results and overall fertility.”
  • Vitamins and minerals: Just as a woman takes a prenatal vitamin, before, during, and after pregnancy to ensure she is covering all her nutrient bases, men should ensure their bodies are getting all the nutrients they need when trying to conceive. If you aren’t already taking a multivitamin or any type of daily vitamin regularly, it might be time to start.

Vitamin C, vitamin D, and vitamin B12 are all standard components of male fertility supplements. Vitamin C, specifically, has been shown to significantly increase both the motility and the overall number of sperm present within semen. 

Many experts chalk this increase up to the antioxidant – or anti-inflammatory – properties of this supplement. Lycopene and zinc, too, are frequently included in male fertility supplements.

Things to Know Before Buying Male Fertility Supplement

Check the label: The manufacturer of supplements definitely matters when it comes to deciding which fertility supplement to purchase. “Look at the label for additives and chemicals. See if it’s NSF certified or if it’s certified by another third party, and look up that third party.

See if all the ingredients are clearly labeled with quantities. If it says ‘proprietary blend,’  you should avoid it as you really don’t know what you’re buying,” explains Dr. Gersh, who puts a premium on organic ingredients as well. 

Skip testosterone supplements: Though it seems counterintuitive, Dr. Sekhon advises against taking hormone replacement (testosterone) in an effort to boost male fertility. “Using testosterone can actually have the opposite effect – it can act as a male contraceptive – and worse, it can have permanent effects that may leave a man sterile,” she says.

Some multivitamins can do the trick: While there’s no magic pill for optimal fertility, because men make new sperm cells every three months, in many cases, there’s an ability to boost or improve one’s fertility.

“This is a very uplifting fact, compared to the female system where a woman is born with all the eggs she’ll ever have and cannot make new eggs or repair them over time,” says Dr. Sekhon.

She adds that most regular multivitamins will be helpful in boosting male fertility because they’ll provide the vitamins and minerals the diet may be missing, improving overall health. 

Ingredients to avoid: Dr. Gersh notes that there are some herbal supplements that should be avoided, including blue cohosh, pennyroyal, Andrographis, feverfew, juniper, licorice, nettle, red clover, rosemary, shepherd’s purse, catnip, and yarrow.

Consult your doc: According to Dr. Gersh, supplements won’t help everyone. “If a man had a prior vasectomy, supplementation cannot remedy that issue and a man with an extremely low sperm count should get fertility intervention immediately,” she says. Overall, if you are experiencing fertility problems, should always consult your primary care physician before embarking on any supplement regimen or seeking out any fertility treatment options.

Best Male Fertility Vitamins and Supplements

Forever living of supplements aimed at men looking to improve their chances of fathering a child. Some of the top-reviewed products include:

Our Sperm Count Booster Pack Combination – Male Fertility Will help If  your having Any of The Issues  Below:

  • Is your Sperm Less than Fifteen million per mL 
  • Is the semen test shows low sperm numbers or no sperm.
  • Is Your testicles normal, but your body can’t get them to make sperm.
  • Is Your testicles make normal sperm, but something keeps them from getting out.
  • Is your semen goes into your bladder instead of out of your penis during an orgasm do to Retrograde ejaculation.
  • Is your semen lacks sperm.
  • Is your semen flowing back instead of going out the penis.
  • Is your testicles don’t make sperm due to poor stimulation by the pituitary hormones.
  • Is your pituitary gland makes too much of the hormone prolactin
  • Do you have abnormal hormone production.
  • Do you have varicocele (enlargement of the veins in the scrotum). which preventing the sperm movement.
  • Do you have An infection in your reproductive tract.
  • Do you have blockage in the tubes that carry sperm from your testicles to your penis. This is called obstructive azoospermia.

Sperm Count Booster pack Combination Improves Sperm with A Potent Mix Of Powerful  Antioxidants, Vitamins, Minerals & Herbs.

Fertile, healthy sperm are defined not just by the number of sperm (or count), but also by sperm concentration, by sperm motility and speed, and by healthy morphology (sperm shape and size).

Fortify Your Sperm to Increase the Chances of Getting Pregnant.

Getting pregnant won’t happen unless a well-shaped sperm makes it to egg. Below are key ingredients – A natural tools from nature to help improve body ability to increase quality and healthy sperm:

  • Zinc helps with sperm formation and motility, and testosterone metabolism.
  • Maca Root improve Hormone, sperm production and motility.
  • Lots of Antioxidants – C, E, Beta Carotene, and Selenium PLUS Absorbent C

These key antioxidants help with sperm integrity:

  • Vitamins C, E, Beta Carotene help repair damage caused by the environment and aging plus prevent cellular damage from free radicals.
  • Selenium and Grapeseed Extract remove free-radicals before they can harm your sperm.

Below Are The Best Recommend Forever Living Products For Low Sperm Count & Mobility.

Forever Nature-Min

is an advanced, multi-mineral formula using new bio-available forms of minerals for maximum absorption.

  • Contains trace minerals from natural sea bed deposit 
  • Perfect blend of minerals in each tablet 
  • Minerals play many roles in the human body, from regulating fluid balance to activating genes and hormones. 

Forever Nature-Min is an excellent way to ensure that your body is getting the minerals and trace minerals it needs to meet the demands of a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Forever Nature-Min

Minerals play many roles in the human body, from regulating fluid balance to activating genes and hormones Your body can benefit from nutrients locked deep in an ancient seabed, because four percent of our body weight is comprised of these minerals.

Since our bodies can’t manufacture minerals, we have to obtain them from our food or supplementation. Forever Nature-Min is an advanced, multi-mineral formula using new bio-available forms of minerals for maximum absorption. 

It provides minerals and trace minerals in a perfectly balanced ratio for maximum efficiency. Using a mineral base of natural seabed deposits, Nature-Min provides most of the key minerals found in the human body. Minerals in the body perform three functions:

  1. Some, like calcium, phosphorus and magnesium, are constituents of the bones and teeth.
  2. Others are soluble salts that help to control the composition of body fluids and cells.
  3. Minerals, such as iron and hemoglobin, perform other vital tasks.

They work with enzymes and proteins, which are necessary for releasing and utilizing energy. Forever Nature-Min is an excellent way to ensure that your body is getting the minerals and trace minerals it needs to meet the demands of a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Vitolize for Men:

Vitolize for Men is a blend of the highest quality herbs, vitamins and minerals to support optimal vitality for men.

The unique formulation supplies a highly effective blend of herbs, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to help maintain normal testosterone levels and fertility reproduction.


The added elements of vitamins C and B6 work to reduce tiredness and fatigue, while vitamin B6 also contributes to the regulation of hormonal activity.

Vitolize also includes high levels of Selenium and Zinc which can help support normal spermatogenesis, fertility, reproduction and testosterone levels in the blood.

  • Balance the micro mineral.
  • Highly beneficial for the production of male hormones.
  • It supplies a highly effective blend of patented herbs, vitamins, mineral and antioxidants to help with male fertility.
  • Ideal for urinary tract infections.
  • It promotes healthy testicular function.
  • It provides polyphenols (antioxidants) equivalent to eating entire pomegranate fruit.

Forever Multi-Maca

Forever Multi-Maca combines legendary Peruvian Maca with other powerful herbs and select ingredients, to create one of the finest supplements of its kind!

Maca has been highly revered for over 2,000 years in Peru. According to legend, the Incan warriors ate Maca for strength and endurance before going to battle. The Spanish Conquistadors called it the “sex herb of the Incas.” Natura

l Remedy for Low Sperm Count & Mobility

  • Known as the sex herb of the Incas1ForeverMulti Maca
  • Enhances Libido (by 180%). Increases endurance and Sexual Stimulation in both men and women.
  • Increases sperm volume and count and formation of new sperm Corrects Erectile Dysfunction in men.
  • Decreases stress and anxiety
  • Decreases stress and anxiety within a few weeks.
  • Increases Testosterone Levels, corrects Erectile Dysfunction in men.
  • Causes an increase in the human growth hormone (HGH).

Bee pollen:

Bee pollen is classed as a super-food, which isn’t surprising considering the super health benefits it can give you! Designed to improve a range of functions in the body, Bee Pollen is a fantastic way to improve your overall health and wellness.

Forever Bee Pollen is all-natural and contains no preservatives, artificial colors, or flavors.
Bee Pollen

Using this may up your chances of getting your girl pregnant. This is because it is said to raise your sperm count and improve your semen volume. Natural Remedy for Low Sperm Count & Mobility

Bee Pollen is one of the most popular supplements in the world. It is commonly used to boost energy levels and testosterone for men and women who want an extra boost while working out.

You may also notice an increase in orgasm intensity.

Boosts Men’s testosterone levels

Bee pollen may be known as a natural testosterone booster for men. This is because it is packed with testosterone boosting nutrients such as…. Natural Remedy for Low Sperm Count & Mobility

  • Potassium,
  • Selenium,
  • Calcium,
  • zinc,
  • Amino Acids
  • Vitamin D,
  • Vitamin C,
  • Vitamin B,
  • Vitamin E.

A boost in testosterone will boost a mans energy levels, make it easier to increase muscle mass when working out. Higher levels of testosterone will increase the size of your testicles and boosts your sperm volume giving you a stronger ejaculation.

So higher testosterone levels are perfect for male enhancement a bee pollen should be seen as a powerful t-booster.

So for better male fertility if you are trying for a child bee pollen is an excellent choice for increasing your chances.

  • It can de-sensitize the body; good for allergy tolerance
  • It aids in digestion and metabolism of fats, due to lecithin.
  • It improves the efficiency of the immune system and nervous system
  • Energy booster and for endurance; useful for combating fatigue.
  • Helps to correct body chemistry; counteract the effect of food additives and preservatives; useful in combating colon disorders
  • Naturally high source of zinc and vitamin b6; beneficial for male fertility.
  • It has been called man’s complete food containing 22 amino acids, 18 vitamins, 25 minerals, 59 trace elements, 11 enzymes, 14 fatty acids,11 carbohydrates.

Berry Nectar:

Your liver is constantly working to eliminate toxins, heavy metals, bacteria and other impurities from the blood. Excess hormones are also processed through the liver.Benefits of Apple, Cranberry & Aloe Vera Juice

Proper liver health is essential to hormonal balance. Berry Nectar helps for Urinary Tract and Liver Cleanser it also including vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and amino acids that are essential for good health. Natural Remedy for Low Sperm Count & Mobility

  • It has all the goodness of aloe vera
  • The delicious flavor is totally natural, from a blend of fresh cranberries and mellow apples.
  • Cleanses the entire urinary tract system, prevents bacteria from adhering to bladder cells. acidifies the urine…( helpful against infections of the urinary tract
  • Also good for kidneys, bladder and skin….enhances their cleansing functions.
  • Has anticancer properties
  • Aid digestion in a special way because of the pectin.
  • Natural source of flavonoids; oligomeric proanthocyanidins(opcs) which makes it a powerful anti-oxidant. it protects the brain and spinal nerves against free radical damage, it protects the liver,
  • it supports the immune system and slows aging.
  • Detoxifies the entire body system of toxins(due to the presence of vitamin A,C and E); protecting the cells, tissues and organs (strong antioxidant); aids rejuvenation.

Dosage: 30 ml twice daily before meal

Royal Jelly Benefits For Male Fertility

Royal Jelly provides men (and women) many nutrients; protein, a broad spectrum of amino acids (for protein building), B-complex vitamins namely vitamins B5 and B6 (pyridoxine) along with folic acid, a small amount of vitamin C, trace minerals like iron, potassium, calcium and silica, simple sugars or quickly-absorbed carbohydrates that help the body to produce energy, fatty acids, and enzymes. Natural Remedy for Low Sperm Count & Mobility

However, nutrient composition varies considerably between sources of royal jelly.

Some of the vitamins typically present in royal jelly include:

  • Royal Jelly
    Royal Jelly

    Thiamine (B1)

  • Riboflavin (B2)
  • Pantothenic acid (B5)
  • Pyridoxine (B6)
  • Niacin (B3)
  • Folic acid (B9)
  • Inositol (B8)
  • Biotin (B7)

These nutrients may provide some of royal jelly’s potential health benefits, though more research on this unique substance is needed.

Each of these nutrients can and are known to support the cells of the body, including sperm. They promote hormonal balance, support the adrenal glands for a healthy stress response, protect the liver and boost immune system function and libido.

Royal Jelly is also anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antibiotic, and is known for its ability to regulate blood pressure and cholesterol.

it traditionally known to prolong youthfulness , enhance sexual desire , treatment of impotence and infertility

Common Associated Benefits of Royal Jelly* 

– Stay protected against viruses and flu*

– Boost energy and stamina*

– Enhance mood and reduce stress*

– Balance and regulate body systems and hormones*

– Suppress cravings and unhealthy appetite* Moderate body weight*

– Rebuild bones, tissue and muscle*

– Improve the health of skin / hair / nails*

– Improve fertility, virility and reproductive function

Forever Argi +

L-Arginine is a potent amino acid that helps to support what scientists refer to as the “Miracle Molecule” – nitric oxide. L-Arginine is converted into nitric oxide in the body, to help support circulation. Enhanced blood flow supports many important systems in our body:Forever Argi +
  • Overall cardiovascular systems
  • Immune system
  • Muscles
  • Bone & skeletal system
  • Male genitourinary system
  • Fat and glucose metabolism
  • Metabolism
With so many health benefits, it’s no wonder L-Arginine is generating so much excitement. New ARGI+® provides all the power of L-Arginine, plus pomegranate – well-known for its strong antioxidant properties and grape skin, red grape and berry extracts for cardiovascular and immune system support Together, these ingredients create a new generation of supplement – one that supports health throughout your entire body.
Just a sachet of ARGI+® mixed with Forever® Natural Spring Water or your favorite Aloe drink helps provide a performance boost to every part of you. Add optimal health to your family’s diet with the power of L-Arginine!. 3 in 1 Sexual Booster For Low Sperm Count

Aloe Vera Gelly

When Aloe Vera Gelly is massage on the Scrotum IT HELPS BLOOD FLOW & CIRCULATION” TO HE TESTACLE and help dissolve blockage. Natural Remedy for Low Sperm Count & Mobility

What does forever Aloe Vera Gelly do?

Aloe Vera Gelly juohco
Aloe Vera Gelly juohco
Specially prepared for topical application to moisturize, soothe and condition, Aloe Vera Gelly is a thick, translucent gel containing humectants and moisturizers.
Readily absorbed by the skin, it soothes without staining clothes. Aloe Vera Gelly provides temporary relief from minor skin irritations.

Aloe vera gelly has antimicrobial properties that kill bacteria and anti-inflammatory properties that reduce skin inflammation. It allows the skin to heal quickly and naturally with minimal scarring. Aloe is moisturizing but doesn’t give skin a greasy feel, so it’s perfect for anyone with an oily complexion..

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