One Thing Some Men Do Every Morning That Can Lead To Infertility

One Thing Some Men Do Every Morning That Can Lead To Infertility
Some men indulge in hot water bath every morning and this can lead to affect the normal sperm production sequence. Hot shower undoubtedly is healthy, helps kick stress away when taken after a long and very stressful day, also helps keep the skin fresh and clean by making sure the sweat pores are cleared thoroughly but then, for a man who still has plans of bringing children into the world, it shouldn’t be a routine.

The male reproductive organ consists of scrotal sac which harbours the testes responsible for sperm production and storage, as well as the other urogenital organ that serves for it’s introduction. The scrotal sac is located outside of the body for a reason. The reason for this is so the temperature of the body doesn’t affect the sperm production mechanism negatively as it requires a temperature relatively lower than that of the body.

Constant introduction of hot water to the body in the form of hot shower would indirectly impact the temperature of the testes leading to conditions that affect the normal production of sperm. The outcome of this could be weak or low sperm count among several other conditions that would lead to infertility.

This article is not saying you should avoid hot showers entirely. In fact there are times it would be all your body needs but you should not make it something you do every single day because of this possible implication it could bring.

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