Health benefits of getting laid during pregnancy

Benefits of getting laid during pregnancy

Benefits of getting laid during pregnancy

Having sex during pregnancy shouldn’t be a taboo at all. In fact there are many health benefits that come with it. And if you don’t believe me I will list a few below. getting laid during pregnancy

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Just because the baby is about to make a debut does not mean your love life has to suffer.

With the proper guidelines you should be able to jump right back into the sheets. Here is all that you need to know and do.

Benefits of sex during pregnancy:

Eases body aches and pains

During a pregnancy, you might experience back pains and soreness on other parts of the body. Sex would be a great alternative compared to medication when it comes to relieving the aches.

It reduces stress

During this time your hormones and emotions might be all over the place. Connecting with your partner this way will greatly increase your overall happiness. getting laid during pregnancy

Better sleep

After a good round the hormones released will help you stay calm and reduce the insomnia that many pregnant women have, at times. Effects of Lack of Sleep and Poor Sleep During Pregnancy

Prep for labor and delivery

Sex actually strengthens your pelvic floor muscles. This makes things a tad better when the delivery day approaches. Your muscles will be more relaxed making it easier for the baby to come out.

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Bonding with your partner

During this time, it is essential you build a strong and healthy bond with your man. By meeting his sexual needs your partner won’t feel abandoned or ignored which could otherwise lead to other unnecessary tussles.

Now that you’ve seen some of the great benefits of sex during pregnancy, how you choose to approach it is just as important.

1. Talk to your partner about it

Make sure you’re on the same page with your partner before deciding to have sex while you’re pregnant. It can be a tricky subject because maybe they’re not up for it. There’s that underlying fear that something will go wrong or that they might hurt you or the baby. You should definitely be open and honest with your partner. If sex isn’t something you’re open to, you can kiss, cuddle and find other safe ways to bond with your partner.

2. Be gentle

Although sex won’t hurt you or the baby, you should always be gentle with the process. The whole purpose is to help you relax and be happier so you shouldn’t be too rough or toss and turn too aggressively. Also, you should let your partner know what you’re comfortable with and what you don’t like. Communicating with them is the only way to drive out the fear of accidentally hurting you in the process. getting laid during pregnancy

3. Choose comfortable positions

Not all positions work when you’re pregnant. You’d be surprised to find that a position you liked before feels terrible now. There are also some positions that can cause problems with the pregnancy. These are positions where you lie on your back or on your stomach.

4. Avoid sex when it’s a high risk pregnancy

If you’ve had a history of complications with pregnancy you should avoid having sex. It could cause problems if you’ve had miscarriages and other complications too. The best thing to do is to wait out until the baby is delivered. You should also avoid sex with a partner who has a Sexually Transmitted Disease or HIV. That’s a risky situation because both you and the baby will be at risk. getting laid during pregnancy

Generally, there should be nothing wrong with sex while you’re pregnant unless the situation is high risk. You can even consult your doctor prior to having sex, so that you’re more confident that everything will be okay.

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But if you start experiencing unusual symptoms like cramping, bleeding, or pain, you should stop immediately and go for a checkup. That could be a serious sign that something might be wrong.

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