Reasons Men Are No Longer Having Early Morning Erection

Reasons Men Are No Longer Having Early Morning Erection

Men, Here Are The Reasons You are No Longer Having Early Morning Erection.

Dear men, here are the reasons you are no longer having early morning erection… Morning Erection

  • As you wake up this morning,
  • Before you check phone,
  • Guys, check your boxers o,

IF you have NO early morning erection,

This is a VERY BAD sign,

  • Especially if it just stopped suddenly,
  • You are at high risk of: NO good erection for sex,
  • NOT being able to father a child.

Having an erect penis when you wake up in the morning is a very big evidence that you can initiate and maintain a good strong erection for pleasurable and purposeful sex during the day.

Pleasurable– meaning that you can last long enough to satisfy your partner and yourself.

Purposeful – meaning you can have an erection that can get a woman pregnant.

Erection problems are very common in men.

And IF a man does NOT get morning hard erections when he wakes up, this may mean that there are serious problems with the blood and nerve supply to his penis.

So what causes erection problems?

Erection problems are common if you

  • Are overweight and fat,
  • Have high blood pressure,
  • Have diabetes,
  • Hre getting older (men over 65)
  • Or you are using certain medications like antihypertensives, antidepressants, anti seizure medications.

Other causes include:

  • have depression
  • depression
  • poor sleep (You won’t get the morning wood if you don’t have REM sleep)
  • relationship problems
  • money problems
  • hard drug use
  • low testosterone levels
  • kidney disease
  • increased age
  • stress
  • anxiety
  • excessive alcohol

These are the things that people have and people do which can cause them erection problems.

But please be aware:

Psychological problems and money issues will NOT cause absence of morning erections.

That’s why broke people feel frustrated when they wake up with an account balance of 1,300 naira and an Olumo rock penis.

  • Don’t be sad.
  • It’s not your fault.
  • It’s biology.

So what am I driving at?

IF you have no morning erections,

Or it suddenly stopped recently;

Check your lifestyle:

  • Stop excessive alcohol,
  • Lose weight,
  • Stop smoking,
  • Stop hard drugs,
  • Try to sleep better,
  • Go for counselling if depressed,
  • If none of the above helps,

See a doctor.

A doctor can help you figure out exactly the source of the problem and help you solve it.

What’s the solution?

  • It may be lifestyle changes;
  • It may be trial of a short course of Viagra if appropriate and safe;
  • Or it may be something else.
  • Just speak to a doctor ASAP.

PS: Morning erection is also known as the “morning wood” or the “morning glory”.


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