Considering a Fertility Cleanse? What You Need to Know First

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Increased fertility is a problem that occurs more frequently than you might imagine, and it doesn’t always have a medical cause. “Infertility affects one out of every six women or couples. Women account for 40% of infertility, males for 40%, and the last 20% for the remaining 20% “fertility coach and motivational speaker Kristen Darcy makes the observation that cent is “unexplained.” While there are many variables that might cause infertility, some lifestyle decisions can also make it more challenging to get pregnant.

Simply changing your lifestyle to one that is healthier and happier can enhance fertility in a variety of ways. It goes without saying that a good diet, regular exercise, and a happy outlook serve as the cornerstones of any fertility treatment. Naturally, achieving these goals can seem unachievable in the busy world of today, especially if you’re having trouble getting pregnant. But whether used alone or in combination with conventional medical procedures like IVF, there are a variety of ways you can begin making lifestyle decisions that will act as natural fertility boosters.

Numerous studies have been published in recent years that show a connection between food and reproductive rates. Of course, not every diet is the same. One of the numerous reproductive endocrinologists with an interest in this topic is Dr. Russell. “Everyone thinks that you have to monitor your calories and that you can’t be overweight, but it’s actually about the components of what you’re eating,” he adds. Although a balanced diet has always been emphasized when it comes to fertility, some nutrients are more important than others in preparing the body for conception.

Healthy nutrition is actually one of the best ways to increase fertility naturally. And many medical professionals think that a woman’s diet, rather than her weight, has a bigger influence on her ability to conceive. However, when you look at fertility statistics, overweight people who are eating healthily don’t have a hard time getting pregnant, according to Russell. “A lot of people focus on obesity and weight for fertility, which is essential,” she adds. Everything you need to know about the fertility diet, including the greatest foods to increase fertility, is provided below. We’ll also examine fertility cleanses closely to see how safe they are for you.

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What Is a Fertility Cleanse?

As a natural fertility remedy, fertility cleansing has started to gain favor recently. These cleanses, which are frequently given by naturopaths and marketed online as reproductive cleansing kits, use certain herbs. Their objective? Get rid of the toxins, heavy metals, and inflammation that have accumulated in your body, as these things might cause infertility.

According to Dr. Sangiuliano, “These poisons are essentially just resting in our fat cells where they may be easily discharged when we cleanse.” She gives her patients a dual cleanse that primarily targets the liver and uterine. Her fertility cleanse involves giving patients certain herbs that cleanse the body and support healthy physical function orally. This leaves both women and men with a healthy, content body that is ready for conception.

Why Do a Fertility Cleanse?

For women who are struggling with infertility, cleansing can be important for ensuring that their bodily systems are completely ready to conceive. “After we detoxify, we get pregnant faster because of egg quality and the environment of our womb is much healthier for conception,” says Dr. Sangiuliano, who regularly administers fertility cleanses to her patients. This is especially important to consider for patients whose infertility causes are unknown.

Fertility cleansing not only gives women the perfect “blank slate” for conceiving, but can also improve the quality of her pregnancy in general. “We need to make sure that our eggs and our sperm are the best quality possible before conception takes place, because if you’re conceiving with eggs that are poor quality, you’re increasing the risks of miscarriage, childhood leukemia, autism, ADD, and diabetes,” warns Dr. Sangiuliano.

Fertility Cleanse vs. Fertility Cleansing Kit

Many of the reproductive cleansing kits offered by online natural foods retailers have questionable ingredients and usage instructions. So what sets a high-quality fertility cleanse apart from these online kits? When this point is posed to Dr. Sangiuliano, he says that these cleanse kits do not take into account the requirements of each distinct person.

“Our methods take a person’s individuality into account. We look at what is happening in that person’s body since even one fertility diet for one person won’t be the same as it will be for the next, the expert continues. “We can educate individuals about foods that promote fertility, and for the majority of people, this may be true.

Additionally, a lot of women use these cleansing kits while actively trying to get pregnant, possibly using herbs that are harmful during pregnancy. Ultimately, before embarking on a fertility cleanse, which frequently includes herbs that can have potent effects on the body, it’s crucial to speak with an expert.

Herbs for Fertility Cleanse

Even while every naturopath recommends a different set of herbs depending on each woman’s unique circumstances, there are some cleansing herbs that are commonly recommended to detoxify the liver and uterus.

It also helps to relax the uterine muscles in women who have just miscarried, according to she She also enjoys utilizing the herb white peony during this phase of the cleanse since it helps to reduce pelvic blood stagnation, balances hormones, eases discomfort, and promotes relaxation.

Dr. Sangiuliano regularly combines nettles with red raspberry leaf tea to create a strong fertility drink. The woman said that mixing these two medications improves uterine tissue tone and normalizes menstrual blood flow.

In today’s world of prescription drugs and synthetic compounds, it might be easy to forget how powerful plants actually are. The herbs described above are often used by Dr. Sangiuliano in her fertility cleanses, although she advises that each cleanse should be approached differently.

“A person should see their doctor and a holistic practitioner, naturopath, or herbalist before beginning any type of herbal cleansing or using herbs for fertility. For whatever the situation is, many herbs might not be advised, including “She sounds an alert.

Are Fertility Cleanses Safe?

Should you cleanse or not? That appears to be the key query, one on which there are conflicting views. But most medical professionals concur that using potent herbs for cleaning while actively trying to conceive is not a smart idea.

Dr. Sangiuliano advises cleaning instead of trying to conceive first. “I advise my clients to try to avoid getting pregnant during the three months while we cleanse and detoxify.

No one should cleanse with any herbs while trying to get pregnant because many of the herbs I use may be contraindicated in pregnancy, but you can definitely cleanse with dietary practices, teas, and other similar things “Dr. Sangiuliano advises taking a more compassionate approach when trying to conceive.

Dr. Russell emphasizes that many herbal supplements and elements of these cleanses are not tightly controlled from a traditional medical perspective. He warns that several royal jellies and herbal remedies that are advertised as promoting reproductive health are actually made from roots and raise estrogen and cholesterol levels instead of being properly administered, monitored, or backed by science.

While most women don’t experience any physical side effects from cleaning before becoming pregnant, it’s still a good idea to talk to your doctor or a qualified naturopath about how to best treat you. “Make research. Do your research. Check to see if the data and research are available. Think carefully about it,”

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Potential advantages of womb cleansing.

For women, fertility cleansing promotes blood flow and opens up tissue pores, relaxing the pelvic muscles and deep fascia layers.

It provides internal cleansing of the uterus by aiding in the release of partially drained waste, impacted, and old endometrial lining. It warms, calms, and nourishes interior membranes. In order to produce a natural, healthy lubricant that cleans, re-balances, and restores the natural pH level, fertility cleansing for women tones the pelvic floor. Additionally, it supports the womb’s natural upright, open orientation.

In the womb, cleansing can:

  1. significantly lessen the discomfort, bloating, and fatigue related to menstruation.
  2. Reduce the amount of dark purple or brown blood that is present at the beginning or end of menstruation.
  3. control erratic or nonexistent menstrual periods.
    In particular when paired with fertility massage, increase fertility
  4. Improve the reproductive system’s ability to heal and tone itself following birth, miscarriage, or termination.