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Forever Living | Product Review

Hello Lovelies, 

In February I very kindly gifted some Forever Living products for myself and Edward to try out. I had heard about the products and had looked into the benefits of Aloe Vera before and I have to admit that I was a little sceptical, I had read that the products had many health benefits and could be used for many different things.
So when I was offered the chance to try out some products I couldn’t turn it down. I have to say that I have been really impressed by the products and there many uses, especially for Edward. A big thank you to Olivia who gave me the opportunity to try the products!!

These are the products that I was given to use: Eye cream, Face and Hand soap, Heat Lotion, Aloe Vera Gelly, Aloe Propolis Creme and the Relaxation Bath Salts.

The Heat Lotion, Bath Salts and Eye Creme are for adult use only, the heat lotion is brilliant and has been passed around the rest of my family as well. It has been used for aching shoulders, aching backs and period pains (tmi for some sorry). You only need to use the smallest amount of lotion, it soon heats up the area and relieves the pain from the muscles. Apparently it’s brilliant for a gym bag (I can’t vouch for this my self as I am not a big gym fan).

I tend to use the eye creme on days when I am leaving the house with a full face of make up. It is to brighten and relieve puffiness under the eyes. As soon as I apply the creme I can feel it tightening the skin, I usually then apply concealer and foundation on top. It definitely makes me feel less conscious about the broken sleep eye bags I have developed.

I have used the bath salts a couple of times, they have a very spa like smell to them which in a nice deep bath after a long day of changing nappies and entertaining a baby is amazing.

The only downfall I personally found is that as they are salts there are no bubbles (nit picking I know but I do love bubbles) so I added a few pumps of the hand and face soap to create my bubbles. I definitely felt the difference on my skin it was so soft and smooth.

The Aloe Gelly can be used for anything and everything, Olivia mentioned that it can even be swallowed if you have a sore throat!!!

The three products which are suitable for baby’s are the Face & Hand Soap, Aloe Gelly and the Propolis Creme. I have to admit that these three products have been my favourite to use both on my self and Edward.

I used the Propolis Cream and Aloe Gelly on Edwards cradle cap. I had previously used olive oil and special shampoos but nothing had been moving it. The propolis Cream can be used to soothe irritation as well as the Aloe Gelly, I remebered that Olivia had told me the both work together really well.

I applied the Propolis Cream first and then the gelly, left it on in the day (if we weren’t heading out anywhere) or overnight if we had been busy. I then washed it off in the bath as usual. It worked really well and with a couple of days application the cradle cap had cleared up. I’ve also used the Propolis Cream and Aloe Gelly on my skin when it has been going through a dry phase and it really helped to re hydrate my skin.

The Hand and Face soap can be used from as early as 3 days, it is gentle on the skin as well as moisturising, it has a really subtle scent. I use this religiously for Edwards bath time and have found that after using this his skin is so soft and looks a lot clearer.

All in all I have been loving the products and have already placed my order for some more! They can be ordered online through Forever living page here there are so many other products as well.

I hope you enjoyed reading something a little different from me.

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