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Totally Cleanup

Purification of the organism, the digestive tract and liver and enhancing immunity Forever Living .

Well now we realize that to all of our treatments yielded optimal results, you need to take care of the beauty from the inside. We use more and richer offer supplements, or even called. nutricosmetics. Still, very rarely do we realize that true health care and the same skin condition should start orders in the digestive system. The advice on how to safely clean up and regenerate the body, we turned to a specialist in internal medicine drug. med. CATHERINE ZGIRSKIEJ-KULAZIŃSKIEJ.

cleaning-chip-tractDistorted as a result of improper diet and inadequate digestive functions florybakteryjnej promote heartburn, bloating, constipation, and allergies – says Katarzyna Zgirska-Kulazińska. Spring is the perfect time to cleanse the body .
In this process, an important role is played by the digestive tract, and so reluctant to talk about its functions …
It will be easier to understand the meaning and significance of purification of the body, if in the beginning we recall some basic facts about the physiology of digestion. Until recently, it was taboo, and even today many people do not have the courage to move the subject of heartburn, bloating and bowel movements daily. Meanwhile regulate especially this last feature determines sometimes of improved health, and thus and appearance. Retention of food remains in the intestines, particularly the colon, in fact favors the development of the digestion actually changes the composition of the bacterial flora. Sometimes you may appear colonies of yeast – Candida albicans, which not only interferes with digestion, but also reduces systemic immunity. The activity of intestinal bacteria may be tested in indicator concentration indykanu urine.

Compound is formed in the large intestine through biochemical tryptophan (amino acid). The more undigested protein passes into the large intestine, the more pronounced decay and the higher will be the concentration indykanu. The share of individual strains in the bacterial flora of the gut can be determined bacteriological examination. So there are objective evidence to assess the degree of contamination of the body. In a properly functioning intestinal tract protein should be spread out to form the amino and absorbed.

Gut and immune system.
Few people realize that for our resistance corresponds largely intestine, which is the most important protective barrier of our orgaznizmu and makes up 70% of the entire immune system. Properly functioning gut microflora provides a suitable system and stimulates the immune system to work.
However, this natural process is often disturbed incorrect diet, and misuse of antibiotics commonly available antacid in the stomach.
Indeed, these preparations are available even in the supermarket and newsagent. We are happy when we reach there with dyspeptic symptoms, especially heartburn and flatulence. Since easily lower the pH of gastric juice quickly bring relief. Used too often they lead to niedokwaśności. Recall that produces stomach pepsin, hydrochloric acid, mucus. It’s all in balance secretion. If we assume antacids, then hydrochloric acid is less and less. Over time, the stomach also secretes less mucus. So again, acid irritates the stomach lining, and we again reach for the antacid drug. As a result, we have little acid and pepsin digestion of proteins. The undigested particles thus get into the intestine, and thus an insufficient intestinal barrier as oligopeptides may enter the blood stream, becoming food allergens.
However, in the large intestine undigested protein is the ideal medium for the putrefactive bacteria that produce toxins harmful to the body. This raises the vicious circle which may be interrupted performed professionally and complex purification of the body with the restoration of the balance at all levels of the gastrointestinal tract.

We talk a lot about the role of the large intestine, and yet in the natural process of detoxification and purification of the body, is of great importance also liver …
This is a great, natural biochemical laboratory. This is where toxins are neutralized, that we supply to the body preservatives, improvers, spulchniaczach and pesticides, as well as substances from cosmetics, the so-called. household chemicals and medicines. A filter effective liver is more difficult to penetrate various poisons. It should be added that the liver is also involved in the removal of toxins, which are produced in the natural metabolic processes. The detoxification functions of the liver, we know for a long time, while the role of the large intestine was far less well known. In this process, however, the body must be taken into account as a whole digestive tract.

So how do they propose methods of purifying natural medicine?
Really efficient purification process is slow, multi-step and tends to full balance in the entire gastrointestinal tract. The starting point is to activate the process of elimination. For this purpose, it is recommended, among others, orally, aloe.
Years ago, many homes in the spring przyrządzało winko aloe according to the priest Klimuszko to “purify the blood and bile” … Indeed, there were many such folk recipes, but there was no scientific evidence that this “clean blood” aloe was justified and effective. Modern research laboratories provide such data. We found eg that oral administration of aloe for 7-10 days, a reduction of the average half indykanu and bacteriological examinations revealed a minor amount of yeast in the intestinal bacterial flora. This indicates a bacteriostatic effect mykostatyczne and aloe. In turn, test the pH of the gastric juice after the administration of aloe showed normalization. It was also found that pure aloe gel gives the desired effect toning mild intestinal functions, which can be defined as the expected control of their work. The beneficial effects of Aloe components also improve the digestion of all the food groups, and mitigation of inflammatory conditions in the intestines and the intestinal barrier seal.
All these processes lead to a reduction in food allergies.
Recent observations suggest that the aloe vera may be useful in the therapy of malabsorption, for example. Celiac disease. Aloe effectively enhances the detoxifying function of the liver and kidneys.

The purification treatments to be used pure aloe. Why is it so important?
Pure aloe is free of allergenic substances and its purity should be certified by the International Council. Aloe (pronounced circular logo on certified products). Just about pure aloe pulp can say that it is adaptogen. It contains about 200 active substances of which the body selects the most appropriate and adapt to their needs. A study conducted in the United States and Japan have confirmed that only pure aloe stimulates the body to produce the enzyme systems antyrodnikowych and has many beneficial immunostimulatory effects.

Is there a comprehensive detoxification program based on the unique properties of aloe? body detox
This program offers the company Forever Living Products. It Clean 9. This program involves cleansing, detoxification and regeneration of the body. It can also be the beginning of the road to a slim figure. Clean 9 is a simple, safe, effective. It does not require extraordinary dietary regime, also it uses the body’s natural capacity to regenerate. In addition to aloe vera pulp is used in the other formulations as dietary supplements, namely, Forever Garcinia Plus, Fields of Greens and conditioner Forever Lite.
Forever Garcinia Plus contains an extract of tamarind fruit, which helps the enzyme and thus improves metabolic processes.
In turn, the Green Fields (Fields of Greens) include young barley, wheat and alfalfa green. This formulation complements the deficiency of vitamins and micronutrients and fiber.
Forever Lite is a nutritious, low-calorie meals containing easily assimilable form of vegetable proteins, carbohydrates and fats as well as vitamins, minerals and fiber. They can be used interchangeably in the diet reduced calorie. After the cleansing treatment program, the authors propose to include Forever Active Probiotic. It is a preparation containing the six strains of bacteria of the group Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium, which regenerates excellently intestinal flora. Implementation of the program of cleansing, even as safe as the Clean 9 sometimes requires consultation with a physician. It should also be emphasized that the program is only a tool – whether it will be effective, it depends on our motivation and perseverance.

Hardly anyone knows better than vanity, how many patients have problems even with acne, and we forget that most of the changes pus on the skin is associated with disorders of the digestive tract. In many cases, therapy should begin to normalize the digestive process.
For sure, especially in the spring, try the treatment, which will improve our health, well-being and strengthen the effects of treatments.

Are there any contraindications to the use of aloe?
Pure aloe laxative devoid of substance and allergens is safe, but of course there are some limitations. They can not accept people with phenylketonuria. There should also post general housework during pregnancy or breastfeeding. The rapid purification of the body may result in the entry of poisons through the blood flowing through the placenta to the baby. People suffering from chronic inflammation of the pancreas and intestines should not take aloe during exacerbations. This does not include people who previously regularly took aloe. Also, people with kidney stone or gall bladder must reckon with the fact that the cleansing effect of aloe can lead to “move off” of stones and pain.


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