Fibroids – Different Home Remedies For Fibroids

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Different Home Remedies For Fibroids

Fibroids can cause issues with pain, pressure and fertility. Many women require medical attention in order to treat them. However, it is also possible to treat them at home with a few home remedies.

One of the most effective treatments is warm essential oils carrier. Apply to the abdominal region and it can help to relieve pain and cramping that is caused from the fibroids. You can also massage a few drops of lavender essential oil onto the abdomen to help relieve pain and to promote better blood flow.

For women who are suffering from painful cramps, many have found that a warm bath is very helpful. Warm compresses with a hot water bottle or heating pad are also very helpful as well.

You should also consider changing up your diet. Red meat, as well as foods with additives and those that are processed, have been shown to aggravate the symptoms that women experience when they have fibroids. You should also eat foods that are high in fiber in order to eliminate high levels of estrogen from being in the body.

Along with these simple changes, there are also many supplements that you can take in order to help with your symptoms. Some of the most popular are dandelion and milk thistle. Some women even find that they need to take additional iron if their menstrual cycles are heavy.


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