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Fibrofit testimoney

Quickly, I’ll like to share with you the testimony of Onyekachi, a former fibroids patient who is now completely free from fibroids.

My name is Onyekachi, before I came in contact with the product, I had been diagnosed with fibroids/ovarian cyst on 15th of February 2010.

It was a terrible experience for me because I had to visit hospital twice a week for treatment. I went through several tests and also minor operation procedures. The doctor even took some tissues from my womb lining for more tests.

I was bleeding twice monthly with severe pains and I had to wear diapers. I have bled for a month non-stop before.

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As time went on, I was scheduled for a major operation/surgery on 19th of May 2011. I could no longer wear white which is my best colour because of my excessive bleeding, I started wearing dark colours. 

This went on for 2 years till I met a friend who recommended this product to me.
Lo and behold I started having a normal pain free periods after taking the health supplements which eventually help me to push out the fibroids. 

I have gone for several tests and scan since that and the doctors could not find the fibroid/cyst. I have been touched by this amazing product.

Now I don’t know what your own situation looks like, maybe is like that of Onyekachi or maybe not that severe. But one thing I know is that your own testimony could be next. Just Give It A Trier. That is why I recommend you use 

FIBROFIT to get rid of your Fibroids. 

All Products she recommended on one of our product training in Lagos when she share her Testimony are all in Fibrofit therapy.

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Have a blessed day.


Testimony Of Onyekachi, A Former FIBROIDS Patient


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