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WHEN a 35-year old housewife walked into a clinic in Festac Town, Lagos recently, she was a bundle of worry. The mother of two beautiful daughters had a problem of secondary infertility. She and her spouse had been through thick and thin to resolve the problem without success. Apart from painful menstruation, she had symptoms of pregnancy – missed periods, swollen breasts and protruding stomach. The trip to yet another clinic was part of her search for succour.

So, it was a call to arms when, in response to complaints from its independent distributors on the prevalence of this condition, that Forever Living Products (Nigeria) Limited, engaged an expert in the field of herbal medicine and clinical sexology, Dr. Taiwo Fadeyi, Medical Director, F&G Clinic & Laboratory Services, Lekki, Lagos.
Following physical examination, the doctor recommended an abdominal scan. Only then was the cause of her woes unveiled. She had uterine fibroid. Her case was not unusual because fibroid is quite common. It is a condition that is bringing sorrow into the lives of many women and wrecking marriages.

One aspect of the discussion that struck me was in the treatment approaches to Fibroid. Before go on,if you have been diagnosed of Fibroid and you have not read my article titled ‘Get pregnant quick Natural and know why you have Fibroids’, please go ahead and read it here: http://juohco.com/get-pregnant-quickly-and-naturally/

Now let’s go on.

Fibroid is not a new disease, but it is a development that is bringing tears into the lives of many women and it is wrecking marriages. Even when surgery is recommended, very few ever get pregnant again. In fact, according to experts, surgery for fibroid could involve the removal of the patient’s womb (women who have reached menopause may opt for this). It is that bad and the number of carriers is growing. But to concentrate on the fibroid alone, a treatment called myomectomy is done. This is the surgical removal of the fibroid. The disadvantage is that it may still reoccur. Reccurence rate is high.

So, that is why I was impressed when, while responding to questions on the prevalence of this condition, one of the keynote speakers at the conference, Dr Taiwo Fadeyi threw more light on this dreaded disease. He isa consultantin Clinicalsexology, a medical doctor with knowledge in herbal medicine and a marriage counselor. He spoke on its causes, its management and eventual cure. For three hours, the Faculty of Medicine, University of Cairo, Egypt – trained medical specialist held a Lagos audience spell bound.

Dr Fadeyi described fibroid as a non-cancerous tissue that is found in the womb of women. According to him, fibroid has become rampant in the Nigerian society due to modern lifestyle. Such lifestyles cannot be compared with the natural lifestyles of the people of old, He continued: of these things, including fishes, are bred artificially. It was like he was responding to the questions and confirming the minds of most people. “Herbal supplements are holistic things, they go into the body and try to reverse whatever bad that had been done inside the body and they want to do that holistically. That is the way they help”, he said.

Dr Fadeyi said that the Fibrofit range of supplements was capable of not only managing the ailment, but they provide permanent cure, recommending supplements like Aloe Vera Gel, Arctic Sea, Aloe Berry Nectar which all include in Fibriofit pack as foundation supplements that could take care of Fibroid condition and even help to restore and check re-growth for those who had undergone surgery for the disease. Dr Fadeyi stressed that these supplements are natural products which have been accepted all over the world as a check to contamination that today’s living has brought.

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He continued, “Definitely, a surgery for fibroid is recommended for cases which cannot be managed. In cases of surgery, where you have a patient that is bleeding uncontrollably, or you have a patient who has a big fibroid mass, I will personally suggest surgery for such cases and thereafter they can go back and use these supplements to prevent reoccurrence. However, you should first try the supplements and see the progress made with the supplements before you opt for surgery.
To those with fibroid, he advised, “For each particular case, I would just normally say, herbal supplements specifically Fibrofit.”

Source Read more at: http://www.vanguardngr.com/2011/10/shrink-fibroids-naturally-with-supplements-2/

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