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Birth control pills are hormonal contraceptive pills that are effective for preventing pregnancy but they come with side effects!

Birth control pills are hormonal contraceptive pills that are effective for preventing pregnancy.

Pills usually come in small tablets that are to be used daily. They are synthetic types of the progesterone and estrogen women take to prevent pregnancy. A lot more women also  use them in order to not worry about their partners not using a condom.

Birth control pills come with side effects like nausea, breast tenderness and more When starting out using pills, there are side effects physicians usually don’t share but almost always happen:

1. Breast tenderness

Is a common side effects associated with taking birth control pills. This is noticeable in the early stages of the taking the pill which happens due to the sudden hormonal changes that occurs as a result of using the pill.

It gets better with use but if it persists with pain, see a physician.

2. Infection, Itching of intimate areas

Vulva/ Vagina itching ,burning, soreness and yeast infection are common when on the pills as a result of higher estrogen levels that can cause infections.

3. Swelling

Swelling in the thighs and leg areas are also common side effects in the early stages for ladies using birth control pills.

It should naturally stop early into using the pills but if it continues, it’s always best to see a physician.

4. Nausea

Nausea is a common side effect of taking birth control pills. The irritation comes as a result of additional estrogen in the pills that can irritate the stomach as higher estrogen usually results into nausea.

If this persists and affects food intake then visit a physician.

5.  Increased weight

Using birth control pills can result in weight gain. This happens usually as a result of water retention which results in increased weight.

This happens in the early stages of using birth control pills.

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