If Your Body Is Full of Toxins, Here Are the Signs it Gives!

If Your Body Is Full of Toxins Here Are the Signs it Gives

If Your Body Is Full of Toxins, Here Are the Signs it Gives!

It is common in this modern age to be so under the influence f stress and toxins and things that endanger our health. Starting from the air we breathe daily, products with pesticides, cosmetics with chemicals, hormones, etc…the list is endless.

What can make things even worse is the use of medications or tobacco.  To keep our health as much as possible, we should do cleanses once in a while at least. But, in order to do so, you have to see clearly the signs when the body is in need of a cleansing and do not ignore those symptoms.

1. More abdominal fat

If you have a lot of abdominal fat than before, for no reason maybe, it signifies a body filled with extra toxins since they interfere with the process of glucose regulation and metabolizing cholesterol.

2. Hyperthermia

A lot of toxins make the liver work too much and too hard. It creates more heat than it should and because of that our whole body is overheating.

3. Skin problems

Many toxins in the organism cause skin changes like inflamed skin, rosacea, and itching. This is the body’s way of saying “I have too many unwanted materials and I have to get them out through the body’s surface”

4. Green tea

This type of tea is full of antioxidants and it removes the harmful free radicals, among fat tissue losing as well. More importantly, it contains epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), and this is the most powerful antioxidant in this tea – it causes unbeatable protection to our liver from any damage.

Just consume this drink at least 2 times a day, every day, or take supplement extracts from 100 to a maximum of 750 mg daily.

5. Headaches

The central nervous system can be very affected by toxins…they irritate the nerves and make headaches unbearable.

6. Fatigue and no energy

You cannot be energetic and healthy with toxic materials inside of you.

7. Congestion of sinuses

It is logical that polluted air and air toxins will cause you a buildup in your sinuses and obstruct breathing properly.

8. Insomnia

With poisonous material in the organism, the circulation degenerates and thus sleeping is disturbed.

9. Gallbladder issues

Every toxin that goes straight to the liver makes the bile tissue heavier a lot more and clogs the gallbladder.

10. White or yellowish surface of the tongue

If this is the color of the tongue or its surface coating, it means your blood needs to be “refreshed” and the body cleansed. Here are 3 methods to do so:

11. Epsom salt baths

These baths are incredibly healthy and detoxifying because they increase the magnesium level that is much needed for removing toxins from cells. Also, it changes metals and can alter body aching.

Just take Epsom salts, scoop 1-2 cups and put them in a bath tub of warm water, soak it for 15 minutes. Do the cleanse detox 3 times every week. But, this is not good or recommendable for those that suffer from heart problems or hypertension.

12. Lemons

The lemon juice is a really powerful alkaline item and remover of toxins. It can speed up the production of liver bile and also can make a simulation of mineral intake and its full absorption.

Like the green tea, lemons are antioxidants and offer you a lot of vitamin C that keeps the health and your immune system in good shape. Surprisingly, the peel has a lot of the antioxidant d-limonene that puts in action all the enzymes from the liver who aid in removing toxins from various compounds.

So, take regularly a cup or two of warm water and lemon juice in it, first thing in the morning before breakfast.

Another option is warm water, 1 cup, and half-lemon juice mixed with honey (1 tbsp) and 1 tsp cayenne pepper every day for several weeks. You will see a notable difference in your energy and health.

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